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Main Duties of Engineering, Hotel Engineering Task, Maintenance department area of operation, Engineering department, Resort Engineering tasks.

Main Duties and Tasks of Engineering and Maintenance Department

  • Preventive maintenance programme. 

  • Carry out proposed renovation of guest rooms or public areas.

  • Fire and Safety procedures.

  • Any Emergency Procedures.

  • Back-up System (Diesel Generator (DG) Sets and UPS Backup)

  • Fire alarms and its monitoring.

  • Fix any water leaks (isolation points).

  • Maintenance calls logging and action.

  • Ensure all types of equipment are checked regularly for proper and efficient operation.

  • Regular tests of fire prevention system.

  • Maintenance request forms filled out for all equipment or areas in need of repair

  • All guest requests are given priority.

  • Any electricity and light failure.

  • Emergency lighting.

  • Plant and Equipment Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM). 

  • Hot water boiler check. 

  • HVAC (Heating, ventilating and air conditioning) check.

  • Cold water storage tanks.

  • Water PH level monitoring for swimming pool and other water sources.

  • All Lifts and Escalators.

  • Bathroom exhaust fans.

  • Swimming pool.

  • Health club and Spa equipment.

  • Monitor any external or 3rd party vendor maintenance jobs.

  • Building structure.

  • Roof condition.

  • Windows.

  • Pigeon Wires.

  • Energy saving.

  • Meter reading.

  • Maintenance and monitoring of solar panels.
  • PABX and Telephone systems.

  • Energy saving committee. 

  • BMS (Building Management System) operation.

  • Hotel Facility Management systems operation.

  • Environmental norms and regulations monitoring.

  • Go Green initiatives.

  • Waste disposal/ recycling.

  • Laundry machines, washers, dryers, calender machine etc..

  • All engineering department staff to wear the proper uniform.

  • Grooming standards to be followed by the engineering team.

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