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Therapist Job Description | Masseur Job Description | Hotel Massage

Job Description for Spa Therapist

Position Title: Spa Therapist / Masseur

Reports To: Spa Manager / Spa Supervisor

Position Summary:

Handling all massages as per the hotels operational and treatment standards. Responsible for all massages and treatment related activities, and for the safety of the guests in the massage room. 

Maintains appropriate standards of conduct, dress, hygiene, uniform appearance and posture of himself/herself and all personnel involved in the massage room operation.

Spa Therapist Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Perform opening and closing procedures.

  2. Schedule guest appointments.

  3. Arrange workstation, treatment room, and drapes. 

  4. Helps promoting the massage to the SPA members and the hotel guests.

  5. Monitor stock levels of oils and creams and ensures that par stock levels are maintained at all times.

  6. Provides individualised bodywork treatments that meet the guests needs and expectations.

  7. Be thoroughly familiar and able to recommend Spa products and treatments as well as know pertinent hotel information.

  8. Obtains the basic medical history for a client, assesses any problems or conditions and suggests appropriate therapy based on current health of client.

  9. Assess guest needs and inquire about contraindications like any allergies, high blood pressure, and pregnancy before beginning the service. 

  10. Maintains spa and treatment room appearance, cleanliness according to standard operating procedures.

  11. Maintain knowledge of hours of operation, memberships, reservations, fees, treatments, products and merchandise as well as pertinent hotel information.

  12. Set up and organise workstation with designated supplies, forms and resource materials; report shortages to supervisor.

  13. Be familiar with all hotel/spa packages, promotions, prices and rates.

  14. Ensures that a high standard of service is maintained throughout the spa.

  15. Provide massage services to guests using props and/or products.

  16. Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment, Also use equipment only as intended.

  17. Anticipate guest's needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests, however busy and whatever time of day.

  18. Maintain positive guest relations at all times and maintain client details and confidentiality.

  19. Try to resolve guest complaints, ensuring guest satisfaction and inform the management about any incidents or guest complaints.

  20. Handle emergency procedures and report any accidents to your manager and security.

  21. Handle inappropriate guest behaviour as per the hotels standard operating procedures for Inappropriate conduct for guests and therapists.

  22. Frequently check with guest to promote comfort, safety and security throughout service.

  23. Fill out necessary reports or data at the end of each session.

  24. Attend all scheduled meetings, classes and training sessions; knowledge required within the Spa must be passed on to co-workers.

  25. Assists with washing and folding of all linens used in treatment rooms.

  26. Assists in all areas of recreation and leisure operation as and when required.

  27. Carry out any other duties assigned by management.


Physically fit and in good health (strength is not a major requirement, but stamina is necessary).

Caring, positive attitude to clients.

Genuine interest in helping clients overcome their physical problems.

Extensive knowledge and experience of deep meditation and relaxation


High school diploma.  Diploma or degree in a related field. Basic Computer skills.


Minimum 2 year's massage experience in a luxury spa environment, preferably within a full service or luxury hotel.

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Authored and managed by Augustine, a hotelier with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has a 3-year diploma with 'honors' from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute and a Bachelor of Computer Application - BCA Degree.