Principles of Cleaning in Housekeeping Department

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Basic Principles of Cleaning in Hotel Housekeeping Department

The housekeeping department plays an essential role in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of a hotel or any other hospitality establishment. As such, it is vital to establish clear principles of cleaning that will guide the team in their day-to-day tasks.

One of the primary principles of cleaning in the housekeeping department is attention to detail. This means being meticulous in every aspect of the cleaning process, from ensuring that every surface is spotless to making sure that every item is in its proper place. Attention to detail is crucial to maintaining the high standards expected in the hospitality industry.

Another important principle is the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, it is essential for the housekeeping department to use cleaning products that are safe for both guests and staff and do not harm the environment.

Communication is also a vital principle in the housekeeping department. Clear and effective communication between staff members is necessary to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and to prevent misunderstandings or mistakes.

Finally, the principle of continuous improvement is essential in the housekeeping department. The team should always be looking for ways to improve their cleaning processes, whether through the adoption of new technologies or by implementing new cleaning techniques.

Regardless of the type of hotel or size of the hotel, the housekeeping department should follow certain basic principles in cleaning or basic cleaning rules in any kind of cleaning activity, whatever the nature of the surface, material, or soil.

The room attendants or room maids must follow these cleaning principles or cleaning rules to consistently produce spotless cleaning of the guest rooms and public areas without damaging the surface or the area in which they are cleaning.

Below is the list of Housekeeping Basic Principles of Cleaning:

  1. All soils should be removed without harming the surface being cleaned or the surrounding surfaces.
  2.  The surface should be restored to its original state after the cleaning process.
  3.  The cleaning process should be efficient, using a minimum of equipment, cleaning agents, labor & time.
  4.  The simplest cleaning method should be tried first, along with using the mildest cleaning agent.
  5.  Always use the cleaning methods least harmful to the surface should be used.
  6.  The cleaning should proceed from the high area to the low wherever possible.
  7.  Always start with the cleaner surfaces & then go on to clean the more heavily soiled ones, to prevent the spread of soil from dirty to cleaner surfaces.
  8.  While wet cleaning an area or polishing the floor, the cleaner should walk backward while cleaning in front of him.
  9.  Use of the suction/vacuum cleaning should be preferred over sweeping wherever possible.
  10.  Sweeping should be done before dusting, and dusting before suction cleaning.
  11.  The noise levels while cleaning should be kept as low as possible.
  12.  Try to remove stains as soon as they occur using the correct methods.
  13.  The cleaner should take all safety precautions while cleaning.
  14.  The cleaning agents & equipment should be stacked neatly to one side after each use.
  15.  The cleaner should start cleaning from the farthest end of an area, working towards the exit.
  16.  After the cleaning process is over, all equipment should be washed or wiped as applicable, dried, & stored properly.
  17.  Cleaning agents should be replenished & stored properly.
  18.  All waste needs to be discarded & the working area should be always left neat & tidy.
In summary, the principles of cleaning in the housekeeping department include attention to detail, the use of eco-friendly cleaning products, effective communication, and continuous improvement. By adhering to these principles, the housekeeping team can maintain a high standard of cleanliness and provide guests with a comfortable and welcoming environment.
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