Placement of Supplies or Amenities in Hotel Guest Rooms / Bathrooms

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Standard Placement Of Guest Room Supplies/Amenities in Hotels | Resorts

The placement of supplies and amenities in hotel guest rooms is a crucial aspect of guest satisfaction. Proper placement of items such as towels, toiletries, and coffee makers can make a guest’s stay more comfortable and convenient.

When it comes to towels, they should be placed in an easily accessible location, such as a shelf or rack near the shower or bathtub. This ensures that guests can quickly dry themselves off without having to search for a towel. Additionally, extra towels should be readily available in case a guest needs them.

Toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash should be placed in a shower caddy or on a shelf in the shower. This allows guests to easily access the products they need without having to rummage through drawers or cabinets.

For coffee makers, they should be placed on a sturdy surface such as a desk or table, and accompanied by supplies such as coffee pods, creamer, and sugar. This allows guests to enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the comfort of their own room.

The hotel provides a variety of guestroom supplies and amenities for the guest’s needs and convenience. As the head of the housekeeping department, the Executive Housekeeper is responsible for the  

The guest supply includes all items that are conducive to the guest’s material comfort and convenience. The supplies or amenities are subdivided into 1) Guest amenities, 2) Essentials, 3) Expendables, and 4) Loan items.

Most of the hotels follow a common pattern in the placement of guest supplies in their guestrooms and suites. Below are the details of standard supplies placed in hotel guest rooms followed across hotels and resorts worldwide.

What are the supplies placed in the guest bedroom and bathroom?

The guest supplies are placed in various areas of the guest bedrooms and living area (for suite rooms) the detailed list of standard items is described below.

1. Behind the Main Door:

Placement of Guest Supplies Behind Main Door
  1. A detailed fire exit plan map is affixed behind the door of all guest rooms.
  2. DND – Do Not Disturb card which can be hung to the door handle.
  3. ‘Make up my Room’ card.
  4. ‘Pick up my Laundry’ card.
  5. Room Service Breakfast Card which can be hooked onto the doorknob.
  6. Some hotels also have a notice reminding them about the availability of safe deposit facilities with the front desk.
  7. Notice about the availability of the electronic safe in the guestroom.
  8. Key hotel policies are also placed in some hotels.
  9. Room rates for different kinds of rooms are offered, in the frame or plastic holder behind every door.
  10. Hotels brochure with the details of facilities and services, in a plastic holder behind the very door.

2. Guest Supplies and Stationeries In the Writing Table:

Placement of Guest Supplies Writing TAble Desk
  1. Guest stationary folder with monogrammed note papers.
  2.  Postage or plain envelopes.
  3.  Courier envelopes.
  4.  Postcards with hotel pictures.
  5.  Telegraph forms (not used commonly now as telegraph technology is outdated and not available in many countries).
  6.  Fax forms.
  7.  Guest Comment Cards.
  8.  Folder with hotel rules and regulations.
  9.  A pen and a pencil with the hotel logo.
  10.  Telephone.
  11.  Ipad Doc or similar docking stations.
  12.  Tent card with instructions on how to connect to the hotel wifi network.
  13.  Tent cards/publicity cards giving information about speciality restaurants or SPA or Massage etc.
  14.  Tent cards about any special shows in the hotel are also placed on this desk.
  15.  An ashtray and matchbox depending upon the room type (smoking rooms only).
  16.  A candle, a candle holder, and a matchbox are kept inside the writing desk drawer.
  17.  Small emergency LED light or torch in case there is no candle.
  18.  The hotel brochure is kept inside the drawer.
  19.  Multi-pin universal travel adaptor with USB charging port (the item should have the hotel logo on it) inside the drawer. 
  20.  Wastepaper basket next to the writing table, on the floor.
  21.  LED desk or table lamp with multiple adjustment levels and light settings. 
  22.  A chair with a backrest is placed in front of the writing table.
  23.  A personalized welcome letter is signed by the front desk manager or general manager. 

3. Guest Supplies and Amenities placed on the Bedside Table:

Placement of Guest Supplies Bed Side Table
  1. The telephone with quick dial buttons.
  2.  Instruction for setting automated wakeup calls.
  3.  The service dictionary or tent card is placed on the bedside table.
  4.  A notepad and a pencil are placed beside the phone.
  5.  An ashtray and a matchbox according to the room type and bedding type, Eg: twin rooms will have two ashtrays and a matchbox, and non-smoking rooms will not have ashtrays and matchboxes.
  6.  A breakfast knob card is kept on the first shelf or in the drawer of the bedside table. (During evening service the same is kept on the pillow)
  7.  The local telephone directory is kept on the lowermost shelf on the bedside table.
  8.  A Bible, a Gita, or Quran may also be placed or similar holy books depending upon the countries the hotel is located.
  9.  The channel music panel may be affixed to the bedside table.
  10.  The DND – Do Not Disturb button, clean my room button, pick up laundry button, lighting controls, curtain controls, etc may be affixed to the bedside table panel.
  11.  Alarm clock with in-built radio.
  12.  Multi-pin plug point for laptop or mobile charging.
  13.  USB charging port for mobile, and tablet charging.
  14.  TV, Set set-top box, Home Theater, DVD player remote.
  15.  Room Service menu card inside the drawer.
  16.  The bedside lamp is placed on the bedside table, in case of a twin room or two bedside tables available in the room then two bedside lamps may be placed.
  17.  A flask on the tray with two glasses may be kept beside the bed at the bedside table.
  18.  The master light switch to switch off all lights is also available in the bedside table panel.

4. Guest Supplies and Stationeries placed on the coffee table:

Placement of Guest Amenities Coffee Table
  1. An ashtray and a matchbox according to the room type, Eg: non-smoking rooms will not have ashtrays and matchboxes.
  2.  The house magazine, Hotel Chain magazine, or some tourist magazines.
  3.  A newspaper is also neatly arranged on the coffee table.
  4.  The room service menu is placed on the coffee table at some hotels.
  5.  Fruit basket with the paring knife.
  6.  Chocolates on a quarter plate wrapped in plastic film.
  7.  Cookies on a quarter plate wrapped in plastic film.

5. Guest Supplies placed in the Drawer and the Cupboard:

Placement of Guest Supplies Wardrobe
  1. A sewing mending kit is placed in the drawer.
  2.  Laundry bag.
  3.  Laundry price list.
  4.  Laundry terms and conditions.
  5.  Iron and Foldable Ironing Board.
  6.  Shoe Shine.
  7.  Shoe Polish.
  8.  Shoe Shining Brush.
  9.  Weighing Machine.
  10.  Digital Safe deposit locker.
  11.  Tent Card with the details of operating safe deposit locker. 
  12.  A few plastic utility bags may also be placed in the wardrobe for guests to keep their shoes or wet swimming suits in.
  13.  Free backpack or shopping bag with eco-friendly materials.
  14.  Cloth hangers are hung on hooks.
  15.  Hanging rod inside the cupboard.
  16.  Extra Pillow.
  17.  Bed Spread or Bed cover folded and kept in the drawer when not in use or evening service.

6. Guest Items and Supplies Placed below the Luggage Rack

Placement of Guest Supplies Luggage RAck
  1. The space below the luggage rack is usually meant for the guests to keep their shoes.
  2.  Room Slippers with hotel logo depending upon the room occupancy. (For single occupancy 1 pair is kept and for double 2 pairs)
  3.  Shoe mitt.
  4.  Shoeshine kit. 

7. Guest Items placed at the dressing table:

Placement of Guest Supplies Dressing TAble
  1. Guest cosmetic kit, Nail filter, Moisturizers, etc.
  2.  A small flower arrangement.
  3.  Drawers may contain all-purpose kits, sewing kits, etc.
  4.  Combs or hair brushes are also placed in the dressing table drawer.
  5.  An upholstered stool is placed under the dressing table and it can be pulled out as and when required.
  6.  A mirror is mounted on the wall with appropriate lighting facilities.

8. Guest Supplies and Stationeries on the Bed:

Placement of Guest Amenities on bed
  1. A mattress, mattress protector.
  2. Bed sheets.
  3. Bedspreads.
  4. Night spread.
  5. Pillows with pillowcases.
  6. Blanket.
  7. Bed Cover and lining.
  8. A small gift box or a box of chocolates may be placed on the pillow as part of the turn-down or evening service.
  9. For any special occasions like the wedding or honeymoon, the bed would be arranged with flowers, a chocolate box, a wine or champagne bottle, etc.

9. Guest Supplies and Stationeries in the Television Cabinet:

Placement of Guest Amenities television cabinet
  1. LCD or LED Television set.
  2.  Settop box for satellite channels.
  3.  Firestick Comcast or Apple TV.
  4.  DVD or CD player.
  5.  Home Theater System.
  6.  Remote for all the infotainment systems.
  7.  Tablet or iPad for in-room app or hotel app along with the docking or charging point.

10. Guest Supplies and Stationeries inside the Mini Bar / Mini Fridge:

Placement of Guest Supplies Mini BAr
  1. The Minibar may contain all or some of these items, depending on the type of hotel, the type of guestroom, as well as the profile of the guest eg: VIP, VVIP, etc.
  2. The daily consumption from the mini bar is usually charged as per the pricing card kept near the minibar.
  3. For some guests, the use of a mini bar would be complimentary.
  4. Some guests or companies may request the hotel to remove the mini bar items or lock them. 
  5. Different Types of Chocolates eg: Mars, Toblerone, Galaxy, etc.
  6. Mineral water bottles.
  7. Pepsi, Coke, tonic waters.
  8. Diet variety of Pepsi, Coke, etc.
  9. Fruit juice.
  10. Ice trays.
  11. Lemon wedges.
  12. Some snacks.
  13. Energy Drinks like Redbull, Gatroid, etc.
  14. Hard Beverages such as liquor.
  15. Different Types of Beers. 

11. Guest Supplies and Stationeries kept on the Mini-Bar Cabinet

Placement of Guest Supplies mini bar cabinet
  1. The below supplies may be on a small side table near the guestroom entrance, by the bed, or on top of the minibar.
  2.  Tea coffee maker. kettle
  3.  Coffee maker.
  4.  Tea bags, coffee powder.
  5.  Sugar or sugar alternatives.
  6.  Ready to mix coffee late or a chai latte? 
  7.  A tray of tea bags and sachets of coffee powder, milk powder, and sugar.
  8.  On the same tray a couple of cups, saucers, and spoons.
  9.  A kettle and/or coffee maker.
  10.  An ice bucket.
  11.  Complimentary drinking water.

12. Supplies and Stationeries in the sitting area:

Placement of Guest Supplies sitting area
  1. A sofa and two easy chairs.
  2.  An occasional table.
  3.  A lampshade.
  4.  A table for in-room dining.
  5.  Fruit basket.
  6.  A couple of magazines. 

13. Supplies and Amenities in the bathroom:

Placement of Guest Supplies bathroom
  1. Full Lenth Mirror.
  2.  Vanity Mirror.
  3.  Bath Tub.
  4.  Shower Cubical.
  5.  Bath Mat.
  6.  Water Closet.
  7.  Tissue Roll.
  8.  Wash Basin.
  9.  Hot and Cold Running Water 24/7.
  10.  Bath Rob.
  11.  Hooks for hanging clothes.
  12.  Retractable clothes drying line or liner.
  13.  Shower Curtains.
  14.  Dustbin.
  15.  Sanitary Napkin cover and bin.
  16.  Soap holders.
  17.  Wall Mounted Telephone with quick dial extension.
  18.  Shaving Mirror.
  19.  Faucet.
  20.  Gargle Glass.
  21.  In some hotels, there is also a bucket and mug placed inside the bathroom.
  22.  Hair Dryer or hair Blower.

14. Guest Supplies and Amenities near the Bathroom near the vanity unit:

Placement of guest supplies near vanity unit
  1. Soaps.
  2.  Shampoo.
  3.  Moisturizers.
  4.  Cologne.
  5.  Aftershave Lotion.
  6.  Shower gel.
  7.  Shower Cap.
  8.  Conditioners.
  9.  Gargle Glasses.
  10.  Tissue Box.
  11.  Razor Blades or Shaving Kit.
  12.  Tissue Box.
  13.  Toilet Paper roll.
  14.  Dental Kit.
  15.  Comb.
  16.  Ear Buds.
  17.  Cotton Swabs.
  18.  Bath Oil.
  19.  Super Glow Body Gel.
  20.  Hair Cream.
  21.  A mirror mounted on the wall with appropriate lighting facility.
  22.  A sanitary bin beside the WC or placed under the vanity counter.
  23.  Shaving Mirror with appropriate lighting.
  24.  Eau de cologne.
  25.  Face Towel.
  26.  Hand Towel.
  27.  Loofah Pad.

15. Guest Supplies and Amenities on the Towel Rack

Placement of guest supplies towel rack

The towel rack in a hotel consists of the following supplies:

  1. 2 Sets of Bath towels or Bath Sheets.
  2.  Hand towels and face towels may also be near or on the vanity unit depending upon the hotel’s policy or available space near the vanity area.
  3.  Bath mat (mostly placed on the bathtub).
Overall, thoughtful placement of supplies and amenities can greatly enhance a guest's stay and contribute to a positive hotel experience.
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