SOP – Sales and Marketing – Hotel Site Inspection / Show Around

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SOP Procedure for Hotel Site Inspection / Show Around

Hotel Site Inspection Standard procedure:

  • Site Inspection helps to familiarize Key and Target Accounts with your product and services when they are in a position to select the hotel for future business.
  •  In case of media coverage, the inspection of hotel facilities should be treated as a valid Media Call or Media Interview.
  •  All involved departments will be informed about the importance of the site inspection by use of the Site Inspection form, email, or inter-office memo.
  •  The Marketing Manager will brief the purpose of the inspection and details of the bookers or media on everyday Sales Briefing at least one day in advance.
  •  The sales Manager / Associates will inspect hotel facilities for potential bookers or media personnel.
  •  If a major media person is taking the site inspection, the Marketing Manager will inform General Manager and Director of Sales & Marketing to meet and greet upon his / her arrival.
  •  The sales and Marketing Coordinator will coordinate with Front Office associates, pre-determine the number of rooms, Room Types, and room numbers, and make sure they are Clean, Inspected, and Vacant.
  •  Sales Manager or event coordinators should be equipped with full knowledge of the room facilities, hotel service, and facility to introduce the hotel to the bookers or media personnel and answer inquiries raised.
  •  The Marketing Coordinator will prepare one set media kit and give-away gift for each booker or inspector.
  •  The inspectors or bookers should meet in the lobby and escort them throughout the inspection according to the pre-determined routing.
  •  Give an appropriate introduction to hotel service and facilities and answer their inquiries.
  •  Emphasis on hotel facilities and service during the site inspection.
  •  Explain the possibility of assistance from external contacts: i.e. Ground transportation, sightseeing companies, audio-visual equipment providers, etc.
  •  If Stay or accommodations are needed then the same will be limited to a maximum of 2 nights, thereafter charged at 50% of the prevailing room rate.
  •  If the booker’s record is unknown and or potential is questionable, 50 % Room Rate will be charged and this 50% will be credited to the company AR account or the master account of the group in case the group booking materializes.
  •  Booker / Client will be VIP, assigned the best room, welcomed by a Guest Service representative, with a welcome letter from the General Manager and proper amenities in the room.
  •  Applicable sales and/or catering staff will contact the client upon arrival and arrange a show around/meeting, introduce key members of the staff, etc.
  •  Before the booker’s departure, all items discussed will be recapped and any outstanding items which might prevent a contract from being signed will be resolved.
  •  The S&M Manager will distribute one set media kit and give-away gift to each inspector and see them off at the end of the inspection.
  •  Compile a Contact Report and submit it to the Director of Sales & Marketing, Hotel Manager, and General Manager no later the following morning.
  •  Send a courtesy letter or make a phone call to the inspectors for their feedback the following day.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the importance of Site Inspection?

Q2. Who should prepare the media kit and give away gifts?

Q3. Why it is important to Emphasis Hotel Service and Facilities?

Q4. What is the procedure in case the booker or client needs room to stay?

Q5. Is it required to meet the booker at the lobby on arrival?
SOP Number: Sales and Marketing SOP – 06
Department: Sales and Marketing – Sales
Date Issued: 13-Jun-2017
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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