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Beach Area Cleanliness Audit checklist for hotels

Expected Cleaning Standards:

  • Housekeeping staff was always present on the beach area.

  • Beach areas were free of debris, maintained and raked when necessary. 

  • All warning signs and rules were clearly posted, signs not worn or damaged.

  • Chairs, tables and other furnishings were matching and were neatly arranged throughout beach areas.

  • Chairs were free of markings, not stained or soiled.

  • Chairs were not damaged.

  • Ample side tables were available.

  • Tables were free of markings, not stained or soiled.

  • Tables were not cracked or  damaged.

  • Ample umbrellas were available at all the times.  

  • Umbrellas were free of markings, stained or soiled.  

  • Umbrellas were not damaged or colour faded.

  • Cabanas were free of markings, not stained or soiled.

  • Cabanas were not damaged.

  • Towels were neatly folded and available at convenient location.

  • Towels were free of stains and were free of tears.

  • All Amenities and supplies was available on the wash room.

  • Soiled towels stowed away from guests view.

  • Recreational equipment fully functional, not worn or damaged.

  • Enough equipment available as per the guest count.

  • Beach shower equipment not stained or soiled, clean and in good working condition.

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