Spa Therapist / Masseur Service Standard Audit

  • Therapist was available at reserved time. 

  • Therapist acknowledged guest with eye contact and smile within 10 feet. 

  • A polite greeting, offer of assistance, etc. was made within 5 feet.  

  • Guest name was known and used a minimum of two times.

  • Details of the treatment was described to the guest.

  • Staff inquired about health related issues and skin allergies in regards to treatment.

  • Therapist could answer questions about products used.

  • De-robing process was described and guest was offered privacy.

  • Guest was appropriately covered with towels or draping's.

  • Staff asked the amount of pressure that was preferred. 

  • Therapist inquired if temperature was comfortable. 

  • Special requests were met with an everything is possible attitude.

  • Therapist inquired about guest comfort.

  • If guest initiated conversation, staff engaged in unobtrusive conversation.

  • Treatment was free of interruptions and noise from outside the room.  

  • Treatment lasted for the advertised duration.

  • Staff announced treatment was finished and asked guest to relax. 

  • Upon completion, therapist ascertained guest’s satisfaction.

  • Therapist offered refreshments to the guest.

  • Advised to drink lots of water and to move slowly for a short period of time.

  • Guest was escorted back to the locker/changing area after treatment.

  • Staff aware if guest purchased scheduled package treatments.

  • Therapist was the last to speak, offered thanks or offer of additional assistance.

  • Therapist well groomed, uniformed, name tag was present.

  • Staff did not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum. is build to help hoteliers setup their operations. Get sample Stationery, Formats, SOP's, Staff Training Tips, Job Descriptions and more.
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