Hotel Fitness centre audit checklist for Bathroom, Sauna and Steam Bath

Expected Standards:

  • Instructions for using steam bath were clearly stated. 

  • Steam bath functioned properly and was calibrated correctly. 

  • Steam bath free of unpleasant odours, debris, oily surfaces, mildew.

  • Instructions for using sauna were clearly stated.

  • Sauna was free of unpleasant odours, debris, stains and mildew.

  • Thermometer was present in sauna and in perfect working condition.

  • Emergency bell was present in sauna and in working condition.

  • Separate locker rooms were available for each gender.

  • Relaxation area was separate from the locker room.

  • Current magazines and newspapers were displayed and in good condition. 

  • Relaxation area had good Wifi signal and provision to charge mobile devices.

  • Apples, juice or other appropriate fruit was available on request.

  • All areas were sanitised with fresh aroma.

  • Towels were conveniently available in locker rooms  and was free of tears and stains.

  • Soiled towels stowed away from guests view.

  • Walls and ceiling surfaces were free of spots, marks and free of cracks.

  • Floor were free of spots, hair and debris.

  • Grouting was in good condition, free of damage, moulds and debris.

  • Sink was in good condition, free of damage, spots and hair.

  • Sink faucet and drain fixtures free of spots and rust.

  • Sink fixtures were in good working condition, free of damage.

  • Mirrors were free of streaks, smudges and prints.

  • Toilet, seats and tank were free of spots, debris and stains.

  • Shower Cubical was free of spots, hair and debris. 

  • Shower head, faucet and drain assemblies free of spots.

  • Each shower stall contained clean bathmat and non-skid surface.

  • Restroom stocked with sufficient supplies (Soap, combs, hair gel, body lotion, cotton swabs).

  • Hair dryers conveniently placed and functional.

  • Lockers were maintained and convenient for storage with hooks and hangers.

  • All equipment's were in perfect working condition.

  • All equipment was clean free of soil and dirt.

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