Housekeeping Standard Checklist for Bathroom Cleanliness and Condition

  • Bathroom was well ventilated.

  • Air vents were in good condition, free of rust, free of dust and mildew.  

  • Walls and ceiling surfaces were in excellent repair, and free of cracks, free of spots and marks.  

  • Floor were free of spots, hair and debris. 

  • Grouting was in good condition, free of mold, debris and damage.

  • Sink was in good condition, free of spots, stains, hair and free of damage.

  • Sink faucet and drain fixtures free of spots and rust.  

  • Sink faucet and fixtures were in good working condition, free of damage.  

  • Counter top was in good condition, free of spots, stains and hair.

  • Ample space was provided for guest toiletries and personal items.

  • Lighting was sufficient for guest use in all areas.

  • All Light fixtures free of dust, stains, and in good condition.

  • Drinking glasses were in good condition, free of spots, debris, chips, cracks and wear.

  • Mirror glass was free of cracks, streaks, dust and damage.

  • Toilet and tank were free of spots, debris and stains.

  • Toilet and seat were in good condition, toilet seat not loose.  

  • Bathtub and shower free of spots, hair and debris.

  • Shower head, faucet and drain assemblies free of spots.

  • All Chrome / brass was polished and free of spots and stains.

  • All tiled areas were free of spots and marks.

  • Area above the wall tile was free of dirt and mold.

  • Clean bathmat was provided.

  • Waste bin was empty, in good condition, free of damage and stains. 

  • Plumbing was in excellent working order, sink and bathtub drained properly; toilet flushed properly.

  • Water pressure was good in all faucets.

  • Towels were free of stains, hair and debris; neatly folded.

  • Facial and toilet tissues were of ample supply. 

  • Hair dryer was available and in good working order.

  • Telephone was available in bathroom, unless a cordless phone was present. 

  • Bath Robe available as per the room occupancy, was not worn, damaged or stained.


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