Guest Bedroom Cleanliness and Condition Service Standard

  • All Flooring was free of dirt and debris including edges.

  • Carpet / Wooden Flooring was in excellent repair and not worn or damaged.

  • Counter tops, furnishings, chairs and tables free of spots, dust, stains and marks.

  • All Furnishings and upholstery were in sturdy condition and also free of wear and defects.  

  • Ledges and baseboards were in good condition and free of dust and scuffs.  

  • Lamp fixtures, decorative objects were free of dust.

  • Ceiling was in good condition, free of dust, cobwebs and stains.  

  • All Paintwork or wallpapers was in excellent condition, free of scuffs and marks.

  • Drawers inside were free of dust and debris, with ample space to open and close smoothly.

  • All Waste bis were empty and in good condition.

  • Ashtrays, if present were undamaged and also free of dirt and ashes.

  • Window/sliding glass were undamaged and free from smudges on the inside.

  • Picture frame glass was free of spots and dust on frames.

  • All Mirror glass was undamaged, free of streaks and dust on frame.

  • TV LCD / LED screen was free of streaks/spots, all wires and cords were orderly hidden behind the screen.  

  • All Draw cord or handle to close curtains worked easily.

  • Curtains closed completely and provided complete blackout.

  • Bed tightly and neatly made.

  • Mattress and box springs were aligned.

  • Bedspread and skirting was in good condition, not worn, free of stains, hair and debris.

  • Blankets were in good condition, not worn or damaged, free of stains, hair and debris.

  • Bed sheets were in good condition, not worn or damaged,  free of stains, hair and debris.

  • Pillow cases were in good condition, not worn or damaged,  free of stains, hair and debris.

  • Bed frame and headboard were in good condition, free of damage, free dust and markings.

  • Underneath bed was free of dust and debris.

  • Wardrobe had working internal lighting.

  • Wardrobe was in good condition, free of wear and damage, neatly arranged, and free of dust.

  • Sufficient supplies were provided (shoe shine, shoe polish, laundry bags, lists, etc.)

  • Like type hangers matched and were of good quality. And Hangers consisted of suit, padded and clip hangers (minimum of 8 to 10 hangers present).   

  • In-room safe not worn, worked properly, and instructions were easily understood.


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