Turndown / Evening Service Checklist

  • Turndown / Evening Service performed routinely or as per request for long stayers.

  • Suite and Executive floor rooms service provided automatically.

  • In case guest requested, service was also provided on subsequent nights.

  • Service provided within quoted hours, or reasonable evening time frame. 

  • No items were removed from guest room unless placed in trash receptacle.

  • All trash receptacles were emptied.

  • All flooring was swept / vacuumed.

  • One bedside light was left on, curtains were closed.

  • Ice bucket, ashtrays and glassware were removed and replaced as necessary.

  • Turndown fold was neat, And In-Room Dining Breakfast Pre-Order menu was positioned; along with Turndown amenity (Chocolate / Flower)

  • In case room rate includes breakfast in the coffee shop, then a In-Room Dining Breakfast menu card or door knob menu card  is not provided.

  • Money, jewellery, valuables, laptop, mobile, electronic devices and personal items left untouched.

  • Newspapers and magazines were stacked and left in plain view.

  • Guest clothing found on the bed or floor were folded and placed on bed or chair, clothing left on furniture was folded and left in place.

  • Sink, counter and mirror were wiped clean and spotless.

  • Tub and shower cleaned, no debris, dust, spots, stains or hair.

  • Toilet cleaned, no debris, dust, spots, stains or hair.

  • Used linens were removed and replaced with Linen where colours were consistent, not worn, damaged or stained. 

  • All Amenities replenished to par levels and Bathroom paper supplies restocked.

  • Toiletries were arranged on a clean, flat wash cloth, similar to guest’s placement. And Tissues are re-pointed.

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