Bell Desk Audit checklist for Departure Service

  • Bell person should arrived guest room no more than 5 minutes after the request, or guest was advised if more time was needed.

  • Bell person knocked on the door three times (or rang bell) and announced themselves.

  • Guest name was used at least one time during the conversation.

  • Bell person inquired about the guest’s experience at the hotel, Any negative feedback reported to concerned team.

  • Door assistance provided.

  • Doorstop was used to properly open the door.

  • Number of pieces was confirmed before leaving the room, if not leaving immediately an offer was made to store luggage.

  • Guest was asked if the safe was used, bell person ensured that no items were left behind.  

  • Guest transportation needs were determined and arranged accordingly.

  • Guest was toured to the front desk and handed to door person using name. If door person was occupied, bell person provided departure assistance.

  • Gratuities given by guest were discreetly accepted with gratitude.

  • Staff member was the last one to speak (kind comment, invitation to return, etc.)

  • Door/bell staff well groomed, uniformed, name tag was present.

  • Staff did not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum.

  • The speed of service adapted to the environment and the needs of the guest.


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