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Daily Luggage Movement Register | Bell boy Duty Chart | Bell Captain Duty Chart

Bell Desk - Daily Luggage Movement Register Sample Format

The daily luggage movement register/sheet is used to track the baggage moment in the hotel lobby or front desk. Additionally, the completed sheet helps the bell captain to ascertain the workload of the bell boys, and he would be able to plan and distribute the workload evenly.

The luggage movement register/sheet is updated during each shift or one time during the night shift as per the hotel's operational policy. The bell captain collects all the errand cards for the day and then by looking at the entries on the errand card, he will update the luggage moment register.

Entries are made for each luggage brought down from the guest room, Luggage placed on the guest room for check-in's and also for any Long Term luggage storage request given by the guests.

Below you can download the template and also see the process to work with the bell boy duty chart.

Below Details are updated on the register:

  • Date

  • Room No.

  • Guest Name

  • Number of pieces 

  • Call  / Request Time

  • Attended by staff

  • Pickup time and Staff name

Download Sample Format 

Daily Luggage movement Register 1

Daily Luggage movement Register 2

Daily Luggage movement Register 3

Daily Luggage movement Register 4

Daily Luggage movement Register 5

Long Term Luggage Storage Request Form (Word Format) 

Daily Lugggage Movement Register - Bell desk | Hotels | B&B | Resorts

Steps for updating and filing your Luggage Movement Register:

Step 1: Download any of the Template from the above download link.

Step 2: Edit the downloaded template with your hotel's logo and address.

Step 3: Remove the watermark and any other unwanted sections.

Step 4: Save a copy of the template for repeated use.

Step 5: Update the day's arrivalsdepartures and Room Move details.

Step 6: Print or save as .pdf.

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