Key Terms / Jargons used in Housekeeping Department
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Key terms used in the hotel Housekeeping department

Housekeeping Status report : A report prepared by the housekeeping department to indicate the current status of each room, based on a physical check.

Preventive maintenance: A systematic approach to maintenance in which situations are identified and corrected on a regular basis. This will help to control costs and keep larger problems from occurring.

Room Status Discrepancy: A situation in which the housekeeping department's description of a room status differs from the room status information at the front desk.

Routine maintenance: Activities related to the general upkeep of the property that occur on a regular basis, This also requires minimal training or skills to perform.

Schedule maintenance: Activities related to the general upkeep of the property that are initiated through a formal work-order.

Turn down Service: A Special service provided by the housekeeping department in which a room attendant enters the guestroom in the early evening to restock supplies, tidy the room and turn down the covers of the bed.

Area inventory List: A list of all items within a particular area that need cleaning by or attention of housekeeping personal.

Frequency Schedule: A schedule that indicate how often each item on an area to be cleaned or maintained.

Non - Recycled inventories : Those items in stock that are consumed or used up during the course of routine housekeeping operations. Non-recycled inventories including cleaning supplies, small equipment items, guest supplies etc.

Recycled inventories: Those items in stock that have relatively limited useful lives but are sued over and over in housekeeping operations. Eg: Linen, uniforms, major machines etc and guest rentable objects. 

Par Number: A multiple of the standard quantity of a particular inventory item that represents the quantity of the item that must be on hand to support daily routine housekeeping operations.

Floor Par: the quantity of each type of linen that is required to outfit all rooms serviced on that floor.

Master Key: A Key which opens all guest room doors which are not double locked.

Grand Master / Emergency Key: A Key which opens all guest rooms and doors even when they are double locked.

Guest room key: A Key which opens on one guest room when it is not double locked.

Room inspection: A detailed process in which guest rooms are systematically checked for cleanliness and maintenance needs.

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