Kitchen Key Terms Complete List (A-Z) / Food Production Key Terms / Culinary Terms / Kitchen Jargons

In the world of food production and cooking, there are a variety of key terms and kitchen terms that are important to understand. These terms cover everything from ingredients and cooking techniques to measurements and equipment. Some common food production key terms include mise en place, which refers to the organization and preparation of ingredients before cooking; emulsify, which describes the process of combining two liquids that don't normally mix, such as oil and vinegar; and deglaze, which involves adding liquid to a pan to loosen up the browned bits of food left behind after cooking. Additionally, there are many kitchen terms that are essential for any home cook or professional chef to know. These can include things like julienne, which means to cut food into thin, matchstick-like pieces; sauté, which involves cooking food in a small amount of oil or butter over high heat; and simmer, which is a cooking method that involves cooking food in liquid over low heat for an extended period of time. By understanding these food production key terms and kitchen terms, cooks can better navigate their way around the kitchen and create delicious meals with confidence.
Food Production Key Terms / Kitchen Terms / Culinary Terms / Kitchen Jargon In the world of food production and ...
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Key Terms F&B Or Jargon’s Used In Food & Beverage Service

In the world of food and beverage service, there are many terms and jargons that are commonly used. These terms can be confusing for those who are not familiar with the industry but are crucial for effective communication in the workplace. One of the most common terms used in F&B service is "mise en place," which refers to the preparation and arrangement of all the necessary ingredients and equipment before service. Another important term is "table d'hote," which refers to a set menu with a fixed price that includes several courses. Jargons such as "86" and "comp" are also commonly used in F&B service. "86" refers to an item that is no longer available on the menu, while "comp" refers to a complimentary item provided to a guest, such as a free dessert or drink. Other important terms in F&B service include "à la carte," "cover charge," "corkage fee," and "sommelier." Knowing these terms and jargons is essential for anyone working in the food and beverage industry to ensure effective communication and smooth service for guests.
Key terms or Jargon used in Food and Beverage Service In the world of food and beverage service, there are ...
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Key Terms / Jargons Used In Housekeeping Department

When it comes to the world of housekeeping, there are several key terms and jargons that are used on a regular basis. Understanding these terms can be helpful for anyone who is new to the industry or looking to expand their knowledge base. One common term is "turn-down service," which refers to the process of preparing a guest's room for the evening. This typically involves tidying up the room, replacing any used towels or linens, and leaving a small treat or note for the guest to enjoy. Another important term is "deep cleaning," which is a more intensive form of cleaning that involves thorough scrubbing and disinfecting of all surfaces. This type of cleaning is typically done on a less frequent basis, such as once a month or every few months. Other housekeeping jargons include "inventory control," which refers to the process of managing and restocking supplies such as toiletries and cleaning products, and "maintenance request," which is a guest's request for any repairs or maintenance needed in their room. By understanding these key terms and jargons, housekeeping professionals can provide better service and ensure a clean, comfortable environment for their guests.
Key terms used in the hotel Housekeeping department When it comes to the world of housekeeping, there are several key ...
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Key Terms / Jargon’s Used In Front Office

Key terms or jargon used in the hotel Front Office department American Plan ( AP) – A billing arrangement under which ...
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Room Status Terminology / Definition In Hotels | Resorts

Room Status Hotels
Room Status Terminology / Definitions for hotels During the guest’s stay, the housekeeping status of the guest room changes several ...
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FO Formula – Multiple Occupancy Ratio / Multiple Occ. Percentage Calculator

Multiple Occupancy Percentage Calculator
Multiple Occupancy Ratio / Multiple Occupancy Percentage Calculator Multiple Occupancy Percentage is used to determine the double occupancy ratio of ...
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