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Front Office Training :

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Bomb Threat Guidelines for hotels Hits: 4256
Building Telephone Skills for hotel staff Hits: 6755
Daily Task List - Front Office Assistant - Afternoon Shift Hits: 366
Daily Task List - Front Office Assistant - General Shift Hits: 424
Daily Task List - Front Office Assistant - Morning Shift Hits: 367
Daily Task List - Front Office Assistant - Night Shift Hits: 302
Daily Task List - Telephone Operator - General Shift Hits: 322
Daily Task List - Telephone Operator - Morning Shift Hits: 403
Definition of term SHARER in Hotels Hits: 422
Fixed cost and Variable cost in hotels Hits: 3992
Front Office Staff Rules and Regulations Hits: 503
Handling Guest Complaints in Hotels Hits: 12174
Hotel Safe Deposit Box Procedures Hits: 4331
How to Block / Allocate rooms for Expected arrivals Hits: 2354
How to cancel reservations in hotels Hits: 4178
How to do a accurate Room Count in front office Hits: 3255
How to handle guest with high Balance Hits: 483
How to Handle VIP and VVIP arrivals in hotels Hits: 525
How to Handle Walk in Guest Hits: 13013
Identifying Guest Needs and Providing Anticipatory Service Hits: 432
Key Terms / Jargons used in Front Office Hits: 7068
Late Checkout Procedure for Fort Office Hits: 586
Night Audit / End Of Day Process in Hotels Hits: 2197
Room Status Terminology Hits: 11500
Room type definitions for Hotels Hits: 10669
Sample Standard Telephone welcome greetings used in Hotels Hits: 688
Standard Front office Billing Instructions / Billing Codes Hits: 513
Standard Verbiage For Front Office Staff Hits: 17
The Guest Cycle in Hotel Hits: 16198
Tips for resolving Declined Credit Card / Check issues in FO Hits: 2391
Top 10 Dialogues used in Front office Hits: 508
Types of Rate Codes used in Hotels Hits: 3920
Uniformed Services in Hotel Hits: 7760

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