Hotel Inventory and Stock Check | Stock Check Procedure for Hotel and Resorts

Inventory Stock Check Procedure For Hotels | Resorts

1. Update Inventory Log to keep stock in/out record daily

Responsibility: GM / HM / AHM / AM/ Housekeeping supervisor

Actions: Responsible team should record all inventory items in & out a record on Inventory Log daily. Make sure all stock correctly stored.

2. Ascertain weekly or monthly consumption of stock items in order to forecast future stock needs.

Responsibility: GM / HM / AHM / AM/ Housekeeping supervisor

Actions: Compare past occupancy levels & revenues to costs and consumption of each item to determine trends & highlight high & low demanded stock items.

3. Sort in countable method with photo at the front to easily identify stock. Display optimum stock level.

Responsibility: GM / HM / AHM / AM/ Housekeeping supervisor

Actions: Once received new items need to be stored, photo, qty should be recorded in the Inventory checklist for monthly check purpose.

4. Monthly Inventory Check.

Responsibility: HM/AHM/ Housekeeping supervisor

Actions: Stock check of each item and record the QTY on Inventory checklist. Reconcile monthly consumption against business levels.

5. Inventory Checklist update

Responsibility: Front Office Associates, Guest Service Associates, Room Boys, Housekeeping Associates etc.

Actions: After the stock check, all in-room and property items QTY should update and submit to GM/HM by the end of the Month.

6. Audit

Responsibility: GM / HM / Internal Auditor

Actions: After the received end of month submission, GM/HM or appointed staff will check each property stock accordingly.

7. Weekly/Monthly Inventory order

Responsibility: GM / HM / Internal Auditor

Actions: HM/AHM responsible to ensure weekly, monthly order in place and sufficient to cater daily operations need and follow Procurement.


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