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Stewarding SOP for Cleaning Pool Bar

SOP Number: Kitchen / F&B Production SOP – 43

Department: Stewarding Staff

Date Issued: 15-Mar-2019

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Purpose of this SOP:

The kitchen pool bar must be cleaned according to the proper procedure. The stewarding staff should be familiar with all the tools/equipment that are necessary for cooking and make sure to safely and hygienically clean equipment and the swimming pool kitchen area as per the standards.

The Executive Chef and Stewarding Manager should be responsible to ensure that appropriate kitchen equipment cleaning and maintenance methods are followed by the stewarding staff. The hotel training and HRD department should develop and implement proper written Kitchen Stewarding SOP's to ensure the same is implemented correctly throughout all the food preparation outlets.

Procedure for Cleaning the Pool Bar:

Note: This SOP is for reference or example only, always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for your's and others safety, and also to avoid any injury while operating this equipment.

1) Cleaning the kitchen station:

  • Turn on the dishwashing machine.

  • Check the chemical supplies and its cleanliness.

  • Close LPG gas valve.

  • Check the cleanliness of the pool bar kitchen.

2) Washing the utensils:

  • All tableware must be cleaned properly using the dishwashing machine.

  • Do not use the machine to wash plastic/wooden-made equipment.

  • After the wash, arrange the equipment properly according to their category.

3) General cleaning of the pool work area:

  • Spray the floor with chemicals (mixed with hot water.)

  • Scrub the floor and sanitize them.

  • Polish all stainless steels.

  • Clean all the heavy equipment.

  • Turn off all the electric panels and reclose the LPG gas valve.

  • Return all unused equipment to the kitchen.

  • Immediately make a report to the Chief Steward for any damages for further follow-up. 

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. What are the steps for cleaning the pool kitchen station?

Q3. Why it is important to use care while washing utensils?

Q4. How to clean the pool work area?

Q5. What needs to be done in case any damages are found?

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