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SOP – Housekeeping – Cleaning restaurants / dining area

SOP Number: HK - 26 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: HousekeepingPublic Area


Time to Train: 45 Minutes

The Cleaning and up keeping of areas like tables, chairs, changing linen and some light vacuuming is generally done by the restaurant staffs during restaurant operational hours, And the housekeeping staffs are responsible for the thorough cleaning of restaurants and all dining areas after working hours.

Cleaning of Restaurant / Dining Area Cleaning:

  • Restaurants and dining areas have to be cleaned daily before their opening time and as and when requested by the restaurant staffs.

  • Collect all the cleaning items required for particular Outlets.

  • Collect the dining area keys from the security department.

  • Turn on the lights so you know what you are doing clearly.

  • During morning time open the drapes and blinds to allow the natural light.

  • Observer the entire area to plan the work.

  • Before starting to clean the restaurant the public area attendant should move all the chairs from the table and make room for proper cleaning.

  • Vacuum the entire carpeted area and upholstery.

  • If any food spills are found on carpet then follow the do the spot cleaning as per the standard procedure.

  • If the floor is not carpeted, sweep and mop the floor.

  • Clear the garbage from the service station.

  • Dust all the furniture in the Restaurant.

  • Polish the furniture if required.

  • With a feather duster, dust all the high ceiling, niches, pictures/artwork, and corners.

  • Clean and disinfect telephones.

  • Wipe the side stations and host stations.

  • Dust the Point of sales terminals with appropriate cleaning supplies.

  • Polish brass/copper items whichever is present with the proper cleaning supplies.

  • Clean the mirrors/windows, as and when required.

  • All maintenance should be immediately given to Engineering Department/ control desk.

  • If any lost and found items are found then inform the Housekeeping control desk / hotel security.

  • Collect all dirty table linens and replenish.

  • Replenish cleaning linen supplies on a daily basis.

  • Return the keys to the security department.

  • Fill the cleaning report / register and submit to the housekeeping control desk.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Who is responsible for the up keeping of restaurant during operational hours?

Q2. Why it is required to move the chairs from table before cleaning?      

Q3. What all to be cleaned in the dining area?

Q4. Procedure to be followed for lost and found items found at dining areas?

Q5. Steps for cleaning the dining areas in hotels?