SOP – Housekeeping – Dusting Guest Rooms

SOP Number: HK - 20 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Housekeeping – Guest Room


Time to Train: 45 Minutes

Dusting doors and windows:

  • From your caddy basket take a duster.

  • Fold duster into four folds.

  • Sprinkle with dusting solution and dust inside and outside of each door, frame and wooden window frames.

  • For areas which cannot be reached use a feather duster and remove the dust and cobwebs.

Dusting mirrors and fixtures:

  • If mirrors are having wooden panels then dust them.

  • Wipe the mirrors with a damp cloth / sponge.

  • Wipe them again with a clean dry cloth from top to bottom

  • Dust the picture frames with the dusting cloth and Wipe them again with a cloth sprayed with surface cleaner to give a polished finish.

Dusting dressing table and night stands:

  • Wipe the side, front, edges and top using dusting cloth.

  • Open the drawer and wipe inside in case of departure room.

  • Polish all surfaces using a cloth sprayed with surface cleaner solution.

Wipe and disinfect the telephone:

  • Pick up the receiver and listen for the dial tone.

  • Report any issues found on the telephone to the engineering department.

  • Spray disinfectant on the wiping cloth and wipe the mouthpiece and earphone.

  • Repeat the same steps on other room and bathroom telephones.

Dusting furniture’s:

  • Remove any items on the table.

  • Wipe the table surface with a wiping cloth sprayed with surface cleaner.

  • Start cleaning from the top and work towards the base and legs of the table.

  • Dust and wipe all chairs.

  • Dust all lamp shades and other fittings.

Dusting LCD TV, I-Pod dock and Alarm clock:

  • Turn off the TV, as it is easier to spot the dirt on the black surface.

  • For cleaning the LCD screen use, use a soft, clean, lint free, dry cloth or a microfiber.

  • Never use Never use cleaning fluids, wax, or chemicals to clean the LCD screen.

  • Wipe the frames of the TV with the same cloth.

  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean other electronic gadgets in the room. 

General dusting Tips:

  • Wipe gently removing dusts and fingerprints.

  • High dusting that cannot be reached with cloth is with a feather brush.

  • Dusting is done with A/c on and main door open for aeration of room.        

  • All areas are dusted with duster or feather brush whatever appropriate.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to fold the duster cloth?

Q2. How to wipe the mirrors?     

Q3. Steps for disinfecting and dusting telephones?

Q4. While dusting the room should the A/C to be turned ON or OFF?

Q5. How to wipe LCD TV screens?

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