SOP – Housekeeping - Entering rooms and greeting guests

SOP Number: HK - 01 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: HousekeepingGuest Room Maintaining 


Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Entering guestrooms:

  • Houseman knocks the guestroom door thrice.

  • Announce. “Housekeeping”

  • Wait for two minutes.

  • Open the door.

  • Announce yourself and enter the room.

Greeting of guest:
  • On seeing a guest, the staffs are greeting the guest depending on the time of the day along with a smile.

  • Use th guest name when known.

Staffs have to greet the guest with a smile depending on the time of the day:

00.00 –  11.59 - “Good morning” 

12.00 –  17.59  - “Good afternoon”  

18.00 –  23.59  - “Good evening” 

Answering guest queries:

  • Find out the exact details required, by listening carefully and noting it down.

  • Ask appropriate questions about requirements.

  • Confirm all the details back to the guest at the time of enquiry to ensure correct information.

  • Give the required information.  If it is a matter which will take time, tell the guest-specified time in which you are able to get back to him.

  • All guest queries have to be listened to attentively and dealt immediately in a smiling, courteous manner. 

  • Staffs have to take personal responsibility for the guest queries and get back to the guest within the specified time.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to Enter guest room?

Q2. After knocking the door how long should you wait?

Q3. How to greet the guest?

Q4. How to find out the guest requirements?

Q5. What has to be done if there is a delay in the requested service?

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