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Concierge SOP - Handling Outgoing Items to Be Held, Hotel Bell Desk SOP In Hotel

Concierge / Bell Desk - Guest Outgoing Item to Be Held

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 65

Department: ConciergeBell Desk

Date Issued: 15-Aug-2019

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Purpose of this SOP:

Upon receiving any items from the guest the concierge team should obtain the guest name, room number and also collectors name, address and most importantly contact number. The Concierge staff and Bell Desk team are often the first point of contact and should be familiar with the process of handling a request for Outgoing Items from the guest.

Guest Outgoing Item Standard Procedure:

1. Upon receiving items from a guest:

Always provide a sense of security towards guest items.

Upon receiving the items, obtain the guest name, room number and also collectors name, address and most importantly contact number.

Write down all the above information on the “outgoing item to be held record”. Attach the notice on the item.

2. Brief guest on the duration of storage.

By information, the duration will provide a sense of respect.

Explain to guest items are only kept for 1 month and perishable items are kept 1 day - 1 week only, depending on the condition of items.

3. All items must be recorded.

To provide safe and efficient service and also for security purpose.

To avoid missing items or items wrongly given.

Record all particulars given in the outgoing item to be held the record.

Fill in all details regarding the item on the Long Term Luggage or Storage Form.

Place item under lock and keep in the storeroom.

4. Upon releasing of items.

In order to furnish guest sufficient details of the proof.

For further reference upon checking.

All items released must be checked to see that the correct person gets the items. Check collector’s name, company name, the guest name that had left the parcel before releasing.

The collector with name, I/D number, date collected and signature in the presence of the Concierge must sign all items notice.

File the two copies of the notice.

Concierge must also acknowledge the release of the items and time-release in outgoing item to be held the record.

Concierge staff should sign on the record upon release of the items.

5. For valuable items.

All valuable items must be kept with the duty manager in Safety Deposit Box.

All items except valuable items are kept in the storeroom with lock.

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