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Taxi Booking Procedure For Hotel Guests

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 59

Department: Front Office / Concierge  - Taxi Booking

Date Issued: 19-Aug-2019

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Purpose of Taxi Booking SOP:

The Front Office / Travel Desk / Concierge team should know the correct standard for handling guest's request for a taxi booking. All guests taxi booking request should be handled with care and no wrong information given to the guest, as this creates a negative impression for the guest.

All taxi booking request of the guests must be accurately processed, tracked and followed up in the correct way in order to ensure guest satisfaction.

Hotel Taxi Booking Procedure Standard Procedure:

1. Procedure upon receiving a guest request for taxi booking in advance.

When a request is made over the counter or by phone, always reconfirmed with guest the following information and write them down on taxi reservation form at the same time:

  • Guest name

  • Room number

  • Time requested

  • Destination

2. Payment and Charges:

Concierge must inform guest the approximate taxi price and the payment method.

If the guest wants to charge to room, concierge must ask the guest to sign the cash paid-out voucher before guest checking out.

Ensure the taxi arrangement has been done

3. Pre-arrange a taxi:

Ensure all requests are met with friendly and accurately.

When the guest needs a taxi immediately, proceed to the outside front door and ask the first taxi driver out from the waiting line and park aside.

Concierge must explain to the driver the destination, look into the guest’s payment method.

The taxi voucher with guest details should be handed over to the driver and explain the payment details (Pre-charged/payment to be collected etc.)

4. Immediately arrange a taxi:

After the taxi arrangement has been done, write down the taxi plate number on the reservation form, driver’s contact number and taxi company name.

Make sure all concierge aware of guest’s taxi requirement and can lead the guest to the right taxi.

5. Record the taxi arrangement:

The concierge team member should always meet the guest request with courtesy.

Inform the guest that the taxi has been arranged by phone or leave a message, and remind the guest the start time and the meeting point should be at the concierge.

All the different types of the tour and taxi that are reserved by concierge must be recorded on the concierge shift logbook.

The concierge team should introduce the guest to the driver before departure.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Who is responsible for taking the taxi booking request?

Q3. What all details to be taken while taking a taxi booking request?

Q4. What needs to be done if the guest required the taxi immediately?

Q5. How to record the taxi booking details and why?

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