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SOP – Releasing Tentative and Non- Guaranteed bookings

SOP Number: FO - 21 (SOP serial number and department code)

Department: Front Office - Reservation


Time to Train: 25 Minutes

  • While taking down the reservation the reservation agent should inform the guest / booker about the standard reservation holding time or release period as per the hotels policy.

  • Explain to booker or guest the following applicable reservation holding time.

  • A non-Guaranteed reservation with no arrival or flight timing or bookings which are not re-confirmed shall be released by 1600hrs.

  • Reservation status will not be carried forward to the next day for a non-guaranteed booking; Such bookings will be cancelled on the same day.

  • A non-Guaranteed reservation with late night arrival or late night flight timing shall be released 4 hours after stated arrival/flight time on date of arrival.

  • For Guaranteed reservation with credit-card details, Room will be blocked and checked in, or may be amended to the next day after reconfirming with the guest as per the availability.

  • For guaranteed reservation no-show’s the room will be checked in to charge retention charges and the same will be billed to the guest credit card.

  • In case there is no pickup details or flight details giving by the guest, then request the Guest to call back once these details are available.

  • For Guaranteed bookings (non – credit card) request the guest to make a deposit before arrival, As per hotel policy you can also give a cut off date in case guests fail to make the deposit on or before the cut-off date the tentative reservation will be released.

  • Check with Booker / guest if any additional information or further assistance is required.

  • Note down the agreed reservation status (Guaranteed, non-guaranteed, credit card confirmed, deposit etc.)  on the reservation form.

  • Information obtained must be repeated to ensure accuracy.

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