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SOP – Do’s and Don’ts in Front Office

SOP Number: FO-03 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Front Office – General


Time to Train: 30 Minutes

1) Establish Eye contact while speaking to guest.

2) Greet everybody you meet and see, with a smile.

3) Address guests and team mates by name at all possible opportunity.

4) When guest ask for direction always guide the way.

5) Never tell a guest that you are tired, working long hours or want go home.

6) Maintain your work area -keep it clean.

7) Pick up any debris.

8) Do a follow up on anything you do for a guest by contacting them personally.

9) Listen to guest complaints / requests carefully if required pen down the details but never contradict or interrupt.

10) Never discriminate against any people, regardless of nationality, race, religion, color, sex or appearance, Give equal treatment for all.

11) Do NOT insult the guest.

12) Do NOT make promises that exceed your authority.

13) Don't Argue with the guest.

14) Always stay calm.

15) Avoid responding with hostility and defensiveness.

16) Don't promise the impossible, instead offer alternate choice.

17) Do report incidents on Log book or to superiors this will help to do any service recovery if needed.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why it is required to address guest and team mates by name?

Q2. What will you do if you find debris on the lobby?          

Q3. What will you do when a guest complaints?

Q4. Should we treat guest according to their nationality / race?

Q5. Why it is required to report incidents on log book?