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SOP - How to handle cash advance

SOP Number: FO- 12 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Front Office - General


Time to Train: 30 Minutes


Will you be ready to pay someone in advance when you have not availed the facility or service and what will you expect if you pay advance money to someone? must ensure that guest has a good experience as far as billing is concern.

It is an important procedure at the front desk and it is our duty that any guest making any monitory transaction should get the receipt and the transaction is handled professional way.

1) Cross check the name & room no.

“ May I confirm that’s Mr. David Bochum #498”

2) Count the cash.

Count each note properly. There is possibility that two/ three notes are stuck together. Be careful as it is guest money what you are dealing with.

3) Recount the cash again.

Recount the cash to be sure that that you have counted it right.

4) Make entry on system.

Open the cashiering screen on the PMS and post this cash advance against the correct reservation.

5) Handover the receipt. Bid farewell.

Print and Neatly fold the receipt, put it in a envelope. Wish the guest as applicable. E.g. “Have a pleasant stay/evening”

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How do I cross check the name & room no of the guest?

Q2. What care should be taken while counting the cash?

Q3. Why do I recount the cash?

Q4. How to print a receipt?

Q5. How to close the conversation with the guest?