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How to Check Banquet Buffet before Service?

SOP Number: F&B SOP - 51 - Checking Buffet Setup

Department: Food and Beverage Service – Banquet

Date Issued: 26-11-2018

Time to Train: 30 Min

1. Checking The Buffet Table.

  • Get it right the first time and every single time, as it is very important to delight the guest and make a good first impression.

  • Make sure enough seats are available to sit the guests in case of sit down buffet.

  • Check the distribution of food items.

  • Check the presentation of food items.

  • Check for any stains or creases on the used tablecloths or napkins.

2. Checking food items and cutleries.

  • Always Take personal care and responsibility to ensure the guest’s satisfaction.

  • Check the pre situation of food items.

  • Check the quantity of all chinaware and cutleries according to the guest's attendance.

  • Check chinaware and cutleries for any chips or cracks.

  • Check and ensure to have enough supply to delight the guests.

  • Make sure all chinaware and cutleries are free of spots.

3. Check the bar counter.

  • Enough beverages to be offered for the guests and make sure their availability.

  • Enough glassware to be available for service.

  • All glassware must be free of spots and no crack.

  • Make sure all required garnishes, ice cubes, service tray's, coster etc. are available.

4. Other points to take into consideration:

  • Check the number of buffet tables against the number attending.

  • Check the distribution of food items according to the event order to check the items of the food set up.

  • Check the presentation of food items.

  • Pre-plan the food replacement’s frequency.

  • Liaise with banquet chef to check buffet for food quality and presentation standards.

  • Check the food setup according to the Event Order or Banquet Event Order.

  • Check the bar setup according to the Event Order or Banquet Event Order.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. How to check the buffet table presentation?

Q3. How to check the bar counter?

Q4. Why do we need to check the food setup with the BEO - Banquet Event Order?

Q5. What are the other important points to take into consideration?

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