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How to use a Cocktail Shaker?

SOP Number: F&B Service SOP - 47

Department: Food and Beverage Service – BAR / Lounge

Date Issued: 02-July-2018

Time to Train: 30 Min

The Purpose of this SOP - How to use a Cocktail Shaker?

Well prepared cocktails reflect the quality of the establishment and the professionalism of the staff. It is therefore very important to ensure that the food and beverage staff or the bartender know how to use a cocktail shaker in a professional manner and by respecting the standards of the hotels operating standards.

Equipment need for preparing cocktails are glasses, cocktail shaker, an ice scoop, ice, different types of garnishes, beverage napkins, stirrers, straws, matches box, coasters, etc. The cocktail server should have a good understanding on which drink go in which glasses, cocktail recipes and the garnishes used etc.

1. Preparation for Cocktail making:

  1. Cocktail shakers should be cleaned and rinsed after every use and sanitized daily.

  2. Ensure that Bullet (3 pieces) shakers are thoroughly cleaned on the inside and have no unpleasant odour.

  3. Ensure that Boston Shakers (Glass & Tin) are thoroughly cleaned and that the glass is not chipped, or otherwise damaged.

2. Fill the cocktail shaker with ice:

  1. Approximately 4 cubes for long drinks.

  2. Approximately 6 cubes for short drinks.

3. Pour ingredients into the shaker:

  1. Less expensive items go in first.

  2. Followed by other ingredients.

4. Close the shaker:

  1. Close strainer cover

  2. Then close the cup.

  3. Finally, ensure shaker is firmly capped.

5. Shake the cocktail:

  1. Hold shaker firmly.

  2. Use the index finger to secure the shaker’s cap.

  3. Hold shaker above shoulder level.

  4. Shake from upward to downward.

  5. For short drinks: Shake about 15 times.

  6. For long drinks: Shake about 20 times.

6. Select correct glass:

  1. Check the glasses and make sure it is clean & dry.

  2. Check the glasses and make sure it is well polished.

7. Pour /strain drink into the glass:

  1. Open the shaker’s cap.

  2. Pour/Strain into glass carefully.

  3. Finish with a twist.

  4. Avoid spillage.

  5. Serve to the guest.

  6. Check the presentation and garnishes of the drink for the specific cocktail such as olives, onions, lemon peel, Lemon slices, cherries, etc.

8. Other Tips to note while Preparing Cocktail:

  1. A guest shall not wait more than 15 minutes for her/his cocktail despite the waiter taking care of her/his cocktail presentation.

  2. Use the right amount of ingredients.

  3. Check if you can make several cocktails at the time

  4. Make sure you follow precisely the recipe

  5. Make a show out of the shaking process

  6. Use new and fancy decorations

  7. Compose your own signature cocktail

  8. Have your mise en place ready (shaker, ingredients, beverages, decorations, glasses etc.)

  9. Remember the favourite cocktail of regular guests.

  10. Do not serve any cocktails with alcohol to drunk people or to youngsters.

  11. Do not drink spare cocktails yourself.

  12. Try to avoid any waste of ingredients.

  13. Put empty bottles into the assigned bin only.

  14. Friendly and efficient service is far more important in impressing the guest and making her/him a repeat customer.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. How to prepare for making cocktails using the cocktail shaker?

Q3. How to skare cocktail depending upon small or long drinks?

Q4. Why is it important to choose correct glasses for serving cocktail?

Q5. What are other important tips while preparing cocktails?

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