SOP Restaurant service sequence

SOP Number: FO – 37

Department: Food and Beverage Service– Restaurant

Date Issued: 05-October-2014

Time to Train: 60 Minutes

1) Greeting and Seating:

  • Guest should be greeted and welcome with recognition, And should be helped with their coats and bags.

  • All guest are welcomed at the entrance.

  • Guest are greeted warmly.

  • Ask guest name to acknowledge them.

  • Use guest name at least twice during the conversation.

  • Offer choice of seating.

  • Table setting are adjusted to the number of guest.

2) Menu Presentation service standards:

  • All Beverage menu should be clean and in good condition.

  • Menus should be at least 2/3 languages.

  • Menus must be presented to guest opened, Present menu in the guest table and open the first page.

  • Must have non-alcoholic option in case hotel have the license to serve Liquor at Restaurant.

  • Always point to any recommendation or house favourites.

  • Inform the guest that you will take their order when ready.

  • Maintain eye contact and approach at the appropriate time.

3) Order Taking Service Standards:

  • Staff should have a warm smile and polite attitude, Approach guest table within 10 seconds whenever they need to order.

  • Always prepare a note pad and a pen.

  • Be attentive at the guest table.

  • Offer recommendation.

  • Always repeat the guest order.

  • Inform guest of the expected service time.

  • Estimate the serving time.

4) Point of Sale key in Procedure:

  • Double check all the keyed in order before sending to kitchen.

  • Barman should serve the drinks with the specific POS ticket.

  • Key in order into the POS system accordingly.

  • If any wrong order key in, look for the assistant manager or above to void it immediately.

  • When barman gives the drinks to the waiter it should be with the POS ticket.

5) Order Delivery Service:

  • Waiter reviews the order and put on the tray.

  • Quality check by every staff.

  • Acknowledge the guest 2 steps before approaching the table.

  • Offer to pour beverage.

  • Leave the table by saying: “ Is there anything I can assist you at the moment?”

6) Handling Bills and final settlement:

  • Ensure the bill is accurate, Always Double check the bill before presenting it to the guest.

  • The bill is presented in a company bill folder and pen, Retire from the table and stay within the vicinity.

  • Recover the check and means of payment.

  • Thank the guest and process quickly.

  • Payment should be done in 4-5 minutes.

7) Guest Departure and Fond Farewell:

  • Thank the guest by name and bid farewell to all members of the party.

  • Help customers leave their table.

  • When assisting the guest, ensure ladies first.

  • Always says: “Hope to see you again.”

  • The table should be reset immediately.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What are the service sequence in restaurants?

Q2. How do you present a menu to the guest?

Q3. What are the standards for order taking?

Q4. How to handle billing and final settlement?

Q5. Why it is important to give a fond farewell to the guest?


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