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SOP – Process drink re orders in BAR / Lounge

SOP Number: F&B -16 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Food and Beverage Service – General


Time to Train: 40 Minutes

Verifying with guest if they would like another beverage:

  • Suggest another beverage when the guest’s glass is one-half to three-quarters empty.

  • Always count the number of alcoholic beverages each guest has.

  • Provide complimentary snacks like nuts or other high-fat snacks to slow absorption of alcohol into the blood.

Taking down second order on your scribbling pad:

  • Draw a line under the first order and write the new orders below the line. This will help to easily distinguish between the first order and the repeat or new order.

  • You can also write the word “repeat” on the scribbling pad if all guests in the table re order’s the same drink for the next round.

Serve additional beverages:

  • Clear any empty glasses when you server or before you serve the repeat order.

  • Always bring a fresh glass with a fresh bottle of beer.

  • Never out your fingers inside glasses when you are removing them from the bar or lounge tables.

  • Put used glasses into your service tray.

  • Please a new beverage napkin in front of the guest.

  • Place the new drink on the beverage napkin.

Monitor guests closely for signs of intoxications:

  • Stop alcohol service to intoxicated guests.

  • Inform the Manager about the situation.

  • Ask the help of a co-worker or manager to watch or help as you refuse to serve alcohol to a guest.

  • Remove all alcohol from the table which is in reach of the intoxicated guest.

  • Do not argue with the guest, Suggest Mock-talis, non alcoholic beverages or food instead.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Tips for verifying with guest for re order? 

Q2. When should you write the word “repeat” ?

Q3. How should you hold the glass while removing them from the table?

Q4. Why it is important to stop serving alcohol to intoxicated guests?

Q5. What else can you suggest to a intoxicated guest instead of alcoholic beverages?

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