SOP – BAR / Lounge – Setting Up Service Concept

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Setting Up Service Concept in BAR / Lounge

General Service Concept:

  • The philosophy of each of the BAR / Lounge shall be innovation through simplicity. The most important feature is the well-being of the guest.
  •  Therefore, a guest shall not wait more than 15 minutes for their cocktail despite the waiter taking care of their cocktail presentation.
  • It is more important to take care of the guests instead of taking care of ourselves.
  •  Friendly and efficient service is far more important in impressing the guests and making them repeat customers.
  •  The use of new technologies within the outlets will improve efficiency throughout the F & B Division, which will result in more time to take care of customers instead of completing administrative procedures.

All guests must be :

  • Greeted at the entrance by the Hostess or Supervisor.
  •  Asked if they were a smoker or non-smoker.
  •  Assist in seating the guest.
  •  When the drink order has been made, it is written in a Captain Order booklet and passed to the Supervisor or waiter in charge of the station.
  •  In the case of an electronic POS system, the order can be directly punched in by the remote control device or at the terminal and the order is immediately printed in the bar.

The Supervisor or waiter taking care of the guests must :

  • Greet the guest appropriately.
  •  Ask the customers if they would like to take the buffet, if any, or present the menu (a la carte)
  •  Deliver the drink(s) ordered.
  •  Render appropriate service according to the Training Manual:
  •  Serve and clear the bar when required
  •  The Restaurant Manager or subordinate authorized by them is in complete charge of the service aspect of the outlet and must ensure that guests are satisfied with the quality of F & B service.
  •  A guest history card shall be made for every guest who is a resident of the city or anyone else who has patronized the establishment more than three (3) times,
  •  Reservations shall be taken by the Restaurant Manager or anybody authorized by them.

Required information while taking table reservations by phone :

  1. Name of the host.
  2.  Number of persons.
  3.  Day of reservation and meal period.
  4.  Contact telephone number.
  5.  Special requests if any, e.g., smoking / nonsmoking, table position, etc.
  6.  Table Preference.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What are the general concepts of the BAR / Lounge?   

Q2. Why it is important to give friendly and efficient service to guests?    

Q3. Examples of Supervisor or waiter responsibilities in BAR?

Q4. Is it required to assist in seating the guest?

Q5. What is the required information while making a table reservation?
SOP Number: Food and Beverage Service SOP -15 
Department: Food and Beverage Service – General
Time to Train: 45 Min
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