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SOP – Guest Farewell Greeting in Restaurants

SOP Number: F&B -14 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Food and Beverage Service – General


Time to Train: 30 Min

Settle the guest bill / cheque as per the preferred method of payment of the guest.

Examples of Method of payments:

  1. Cash

  2. Credit Card

  3. Foreign Currency / Traveler’s Check.

  4. Bill to Company / City Ledger / Vouchers / Coupons.

  • Hand over the Feed Back form while you are printing receipt.

  • When the guest has paid the bill and prepares to leave the restaurant, the waiter should stand nearby.

  • She/he shall pullback the chair of the guest and help her/him whenever necessary.

  • Check if the guest has taken all her/.his belongings. If not, discreetly attract the attention of the guest to the forgotten item.

  • Accompany the guest to the entrance of the restaurant and thank him, by saying Thank you for dining at (name of Restaurant).

  • Tell him we are looking forward to welcoming him/ her by saying , Wish to serve you again or Hope to serve  you again soon.

  • In case the guest leaves without settling the bill then Inform the security and your manager immediately.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Examples of method of payments used by guest?

Q2. When to handover the feedback form to the guest?

Q3. What to be done if guest had forgotten his belongings?

Q4. What action to be taken if the guest leaves without paying the bill?

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