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SOP – Wine and Beverage order taking - Restaurants / BAR

SOP Number: F&B - 13 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Food and Beverage Service – BAR


Time to Train: 60 Min

Beverage Order Taking:

  • After the guest has been seated, approach the guest’s table with the beverage menu.

  • Approach the guest from the right side and ask if she/he would like to have a drink or if she/he would like to see the beverage list.

  • Recommend any special drinks or cocktails.

  • If the guest requests to see the menu, hand the menu to the guest and step back within attentive distance to wait until the guest has made her/his choice.

  • Take order from women first, then men and finally from the host.

  • Ask the guest for the order, ask politely; 

“Excuse me Madam/ Sir, may I take your order?”.

  • Verify the legal drinking age of guests who order alcoholic beverages. [ If required by local jurisdriction]

  • Place a Beverage napkin in front of every guest as you ask for his or her order. This will help you to keep track of who has ordered.

  • Leaving a beverage napkin at the table will let other servers know that you have checked with the guests.

  • If the beverage napkins have a logo, then place each napkin so the log face the guest.

  • When the guest is ready to order, listen carefully and write down all the details. Face guest when taking the order and maintain eye contact

  • Repeat the order, to make sure you get the order correct, by saying: 

“Madam/Sir, your order is (list name(s) of beverage item)”.

  • Enter the order in the Pos terminal (or remote device). Where available, and the order will thus be printed in the dispense bar.

  • Where no ‘no-line’ system is available, pass one copy of the Captain Order to the kitchen and one to the cashier.

  • Consult the order to check which types of food the guest has ordered.

Wine Order taking:

  • Present the wine list.

  • Approach the guest, or host if applicable, from the right side and present her/him the wine list with your right hand.

  • Recommend the appropriate wine.

!Note: Red wine is more suitable for red meat, e.g., beef or pork dishes and white wine is more suitable for white meat or seafood dishes, e.g., chicken, fish and shellfish.

  • Step back at an appropriate distance.

  • When the guest has ordered, repeat the order and thank the guest before leaving the table.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. When to approach the guest with the beverage menu?

Q2. What is the identification of a beverage napkin in a table?

Q3. Explain the steps in Wine order taking?

Q4. How to place a Napkin with a logo in front of a guest?

Q5. Why it is required to repeat the order given by guest?

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