SOP – BAR / Lounge – Store Requisition And Inventory

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Store Requisition and Inventory BAR

For every F & B store requisition, a requisition form has to be completed. The form must carry the signature of the Outlet Manager / Outlet Chef / Stewarding Manager / Catering Manager (as applicable).

This requisition form must be duly authorized by the Executive Chef (food) Beverage Manager (beverage) or the Director/Manager of F&B (other items).

  • All requisitions must be made the day before collecting the items from the store room.
  •  Collecting the goods will be done within the opening hours of the store room, and following a pre-established schedule approved by both the ADMINISTRATION and the Food & Beverage Departments.
  •  The related stocks are to be used on a FIFO (First In / First Out) basis by using the relevant bin cards.

Inventory for Non-Alcoholic Beverages:

  • Check your par stock list to determine how much of each item should be on hand.
  •  Par stock list provides consistent setup and control of the Bar operation.
  •  Check your inventory form to determine how much of each item you already have in hand.
  •  Find out how much to order by subtracting the amounts on the inventory form from the total amounts on the par stock list.

Example:  Total Par Stock = 55 Nos.

         Total Available = 40 Nos.

         Total no. to order 10 Nos.

  • Write these amounts on the beverage requisition form or enter them on the (MMS) Materials management software as a store request.

Inventory for alcohol:

  • Count full bottles of each type of liquor, wine, and beer.
  •  Round the amounts on an inventory form.
  •  Estimate how much alcohol is left in each open bottle of liquor and wine.
  •  Record the amount on the inventory form.

Inventory for Food:

  • Count whole fruits, vegetables, unopened containers of juice, and dairy products.
  •  Do not include fruits or vegetables that are already cut on the count.
  •  Record the inventory on the form.

Prepare a food requisition:

  • Check your par stock list to determine how much of each item should be on hand.
  •  Check your inventory form to determine how much of each item you already have.
  •  Find out how much to order by taking the difference of the above two totals. 

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to calculate the total number of items to indent? 

Q2. What does the term “FI-FO” stand for?       

Q3. What is a MMS?

Q4. How to take inventory of Alcohol?

Q5. How to prepare a food requisition?
SOP Number: Food and Beverage Service SOP -01
Department: Food and Beverage Service – General
Date Issued: 22-March-2013
Time to Train: 40 Minutes
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