SOP – Equipment cleaning in BAR

SOP Number: F&B - 10

Department: Food and Beverage Service – BAR / Lounge

Date Issued: 15-March-2013

Time to Train: 30 Min

Wipe the table top and the chairs:

  • Use a damp rag to wipe the surface of the tables one by one.

  • Sweep the Bread crumbs out from under the chairs and tables.

  • Never user linen napkins for cleaning.

Silverware polishing:

  • Pick up the washed silver from the dish-washing area and deliver it to the polishing area.

  • Prepare hot water in stainless steel pot, put the silverware into the hot water before polishing.

  • polish by using an adequate silverware cleaning cloth.

  • Check the silverware for any damage.

  • Make sure all the silverware is stocked in good order.

Glassware polishing:

  • Pick up the washed glassware from the shelves located at the dish washing area.

  • Deliver them to the polishing area by using glass racks.

  • Prepare hot water in a stainless steel pot, steam the glasses in/over hot water and polish them using glass towels.

  • Check the glasses for chips, marks, etc.

  • Hold the glass by the stem or base with a clean towel when handling after polishing.

  • Deliver the polished glasses to the service station using the appropriate trays.

Condiments and sauces cleaning:

  • Collect all the Sauce bottles, line them up on the table and top up bottles where necessary until full but do not mix brands.

  • Wipe the top with a wet cloth and the entire bottle if dirty.

  • Prepare hot water in a stainless steel pot, put all the sauce bottle caps into hot water for about 10 minutes.

  • Take out the caps and wipe them with a clean wet cloth and polish them with a dry towel.

  • Deliver the bottles to the service station after cleaning.

Salt and pepper set weekly checking:

  • Collect all the salt and pepper sets in a large container (stainless steel tray or bowl).

  • Dry any damp salt by placing the container near heat in the kitchen (ask permission from the cooks).

  • Prepare hot water in a stainless steel pot, put all emptied shakers into the hot water.

  • Take them out after 10 minutes, wipe and polish them with a clean towel.

  • Refill the bottles with salt and pepper, and deliver them to the preparation service  station after cleaning.

Salt and pepper set daily checking:

  • Collect all salt and pepper containers in one place, remove the caps and clean the   exterior of the containers.

  • Refill with new salt or pepper until 90 % full. No salt or pepper containers shall have less than half of its capacity.

  • Wipe and polish the tops and caps (check that holes are clear on the caps), and deliver them to the service station after cleaning.

Peanut bowls:

  • Collect all the peanuts bowls in one place. Remove the peanuts and clean the bowls.

  • Place the clean bowls to the appropriate place after refilling with peanuts.

Candle holders:

  • Collect all candleholders in one place. Remove the remaining candles and wax.

  • Clean the candleholder as appropriate to their constituent material(s) as trained.

  • Return them to the appropriate place after cleaning.

Menu cover and insert:

  • Check and clean the menus daily before the outlet opens. 

  • Destroy menus that are worn, crimpled or stained upon the Outlet manager’s approval.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What kind of cloth to be used to wipe tables?     

Q2. How to polish silver ware?             

Q3. How to handle glass after polishing?

Q4. How long should the shakers to be placed on hot water?

Q5. Steps for cleaning candle holders?


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