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SOP For Credit Card Processing

SOP Number: Finance and Accounting – 12

Department: Cash Control

Date Issued: 30-Jun-2021

Time to Train: 25 Minutes

Purpose of Credit Card Processing:

All credit cards are to be balanced and submitted by the Night Audit staff for the entire Hotel during their shift on the same day. This should be done through an online service or manually from each EDC machine and downloaded accordingly

It shall be the responsibility of the Controller to verify that the transfer takes place daily.

Credit Card Processing SOP Procedures:

  • The Night Audit staff should balance all credit cards to the point-of-sale systems as well as to the PMS system.

  • The fraud report that is issued by the credit card processor should be reviewed by the Controller or General Manager on a daily basis.

  • Every Cashier is totally responsible for all transactions of his/her User code & Float.

  • Do not share your cashier user code with any other staff and use your user code only for all transactions.

  • All cashiers must balance before closing.

  • One float per station (properties to organize float controls in quiet periods).

  • Place yourself away from the counter when possible.

  • Balance all your postings & transactions of the day against your supporting documents eg: credit card slip, MCV etc.

  • Confirm payment totals by payment codes eg: Cash, Cheques, Various credit cards, against the Cash Register Closure Report.

  • All postings & transactions must balance with PMS reports.

  • If the PMS system is balanced with the cash float and credit card batch closing slip, then close the cashier in hotel software.

  • Separate & total different types of credit card slip attached to respective invoices & file in a binder.

  • Count your cash float, make sure original bank float is recovered, fill & sign “Cash float excel sheet”

  • Complete “Shift Drop Envelope” with cash and drop-in safe.

  • All cheques and credit card slips are to be submitted to Finance.

  • If the same float is used by the next shift, count float together, both sign “cash float sheet” & file in appropriate binder.

Training Summary Questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of the Credit Card Processing SOP?

Q2. What is the use of Credit Card fraud reports?

Q3. Who is responsible to balance all credit card transactions for the day?

Q4. Is it required to submit all credit card slips to the finance department?

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