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Standard Operating Procedure for Engineering - Equipment Maintenance and Repair Standard

SOP Number:  Hotel Engineering SOP – 27

Department: Engineering and Maintenance

Date Issued: 17-Aug-2019

Time to Train: 15 Minutes

Equipment Maintenance and Repair Standard Procedure:

  • Read the warranty information supplied with each piece of new equipment to learn what the manufacturer recommends.

  • Put all literature supplied in a three-ring binder.

  • Assign the binder to managers and require new managers to review it.

  • Prepare a one-page maintenance sheet and post it where it will be seen.

  • List appropriate clean dates and a box to initial and date when cleaning is completed.

  • Insist that managers pay attention to maintenance schedules.

  • Post a list of local service agencies, their phone numbers, and which brands they cover.

  • Upon start-up of a new facility, place a list in the front of the binder containing make, model, serial number and date, along with the service and warranty period for each piece of equipment.

  • Set up service, cleaning, and inspection programs for all operational equipment with service agents.

  • Set up a regular exhaust hood and duct cleaning program to prevent fires.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why it is important to read the warranty information provided by the manufacturer?

Q2. Advantages of putting the product information in a three-ring binder?

Q3. Why managers should pay attention to maintenance schedules?

Q4. What needs to be done upon the startup of the new facility?

Q5. Who is responsible to oversee all engineering and maintenance activities?

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