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SOP Procedure for Sales Trip / Sales Visit

SOP Number: S&M – 02

Department: Sales and Marketing – Sales

Date Issued: 15-May-2017

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Sales Trip / Visit Standard procedure:

  • Sale Manager's should make scheduled business trip to the customer office.

  • Prepare the sales kits, Brochures, presentation and other necessary hotel information before visit.

  • In case of outstation sales visit then reserve the air tickets and the accommodation according to the budget and get approval from Director of Sales before making the booking.

  • Contact customer's or key decision makers at least one-week in advance and enter the scheduled time in the sales and marketing software.

  • Visit the clients as per the schedule and reach the location before the scheduled time.

  • Present the sales kit and if required give an overview / intro presentation about the hotel.

  • Enquire about Hotels used, Volume of room nights, Rates and Inclusive opted for.

  • Enquire if Travel desk available in the company and the billing process.

  • Sales executives shouldn't give any confirmation regarding credit facility / credit limit.

  • Explain about hotels booker's reward program or loyality program and provide the necessary information.

  • Enquire about key decision makers involved in the company.

  • Answer any questions from the booker, for questions which require further approval inform the booker that you will get back to him / her.

  • Invite the booker for a site visit / hotel visit.

  • Prepare a detailed report about the sales visit.

  • Fill the petty cash voucher for the sales trip cost and attach with the sales trip schedule, Forward the proposal to Director of sales and Accounts manager's for review.

  • Enter the sales visit report / outcome of the visit on to the S&M software.

  • Update the status (open / close /follow-up) of the sales visit on to the S&M software.

  • Pass the expenses and sales call report for the day to Director or Sales for review.

  • Claim the expenses attached with all necessary receipt.

  • Give a copy of sales call report to General Manager for final review.

  • Once approved by the DOS pass on the approved expenses report to the accounting for final approval and reimbursement.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to handle sales visit?

Q2. What preparation need to be done before going for a sales meeting?

Q3. List the details which need to be enquired from the booker?

Q4. Should the sales executives confirm a credit facility during the meeting?

Q5. Why it is important to update sales visit outcome report and status on the S&M software?

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