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How to Clean the Windows in Hotel Guest Rooms?

How to Clean the Windows in Hotel Guest Rooms?

1)Collect the equipment needed to clean the windows.

What equipment are needed to clean the guest room windows?

Collect the following items to clean the windows: ladder, bucket of warm water, discard towels, window mop, and window wiper.

Why do you need a ladder?

The ladder is used for high areas that you are unable to reach.

2)Place the discard towels on the ledge or ground below the window you are about to clean.

Why is it important to place discard towels on the ground?

Placing discard towels on the ground catches the water that runs down the glass when wiping it.

3)Wet the window mop inside the bucket.

Wet the window with the window mop in a waving motion, covering all areas of the window glass.

4) Why is it important that the whole area of the glass is wiped?

It is important to wipe the whole area with the window mop to remove any dirt or finger marks.

5)Place the rubber window wiper on the glass and wipe from side to side. Wipe the rubber strip regularly with a discard towel.

Why is the rubber strip wiped regularly?

The rubber strip is wiped regularly to remove any excess water and the dirt that has come from the window.

6)With a discard towel, wipe the window edges and the ledge at the bottom of the window.

Why must you wipe the window edges?

The window wiper cannot remove the water on the window edges and ledges as it does not reach there, so use a discard towel to do this.

7)Before moving onto the next window, check your work to make sure the window is clean and make sure you have not left anything behind.

What are a common things forgotten while cleaning the window?

Do not forget to check the floor and ledges to ensure all waste has been removed

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