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Room Status Cycle | Hotel Room Status Cycle Diagram

Room Status Cycle in Hotel Housekeeping

The room status change is a particular order and can be thought of as the “life cycle” of a guest room. The status of a guest room is determined by its “readiness” for new occupancy. Therefore, a hotel must know its current state of occupancy and cleanliness at any given point of time. When determining a room’s state of occupancy and state of both occupancy and cleanliness information.

Room status reconciliation is defined as ensuring that rooms are properly designated by their current status, and assigned new status as it changes. Both housekeeping and the front desk maintain room status. Each coordinates with the other to make sure that rooms are assigned, cleaned, and assigned again to maximize room revenue while avoiding a missed assignment.

Vacant / Inspected (V/I)

Available for sale. A “V/ I” room status is used when a Vacant Ready room is inspected by the housekeeping supervisor or executive housekeeper. Normally, this status is used in a full service or five-star hotel operations. 

Vacant / Ready (V/R)

Available for sale. A “V/ R” room status is the only status a room can be sold in.

Occupied / Clean (O/C)

Guest currently occupies the room, and the room has been serviced by housekeeping. Typically, there is no inspection for rooms cleaned during the length of an individual guest’s stay. The expectation is that all rooms are cleaned well, but an occupied room is generally easier to clean than one from which the guest has checked out.

Occupied / Dirty (O/D)

Guest currently occupies the room, the night has passed, but the room has not yet been serviced by housekeeping.

Vacated / Dirty (V/D)

A “V/ M” room has been taken out of inventory for some reason. This is the code assigned to out – of – order rooms.

A guest checked out, not serviced by housekeeping yet. “V/ D” codes take top priority in housekeeping as they must be readied for resale.

Vacant / Clean (V/C)

Cleaned room, not yet inspected. All sleeping rooms are cleaned by a housekeeper and then inspected by a supervisor or manager to ensure it is ready for sale. These inspectors then change the code from “V/ C” to “V/ R”.

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