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Standard Room Status Codes | List of Commonly Used Room Status Codes in Housekeeping | Hotel Room Status Codes

List of Standard Room Status Codes Used by The Housekeeping 

OCC - Occupied

VC - Vacant & Clean

VD - Vacant & Dirty

OR - Occupied & Ready

OC - Occupied & Clean

OD - Occupied & Dirty

CO - Check Out

OOO - Out of Order

DND - Do Not Disturb

V/O or O/V - Status Unclear

LO - Lock Out Room

DO - Due out Room

DNCO - Did not Check Out

VCI - Vacant, Cleaned & Inspected

HL - Heavy Luggage

LL - Light Luggage

NL - No Luggage

DL - Double Lock

CL - Chain Lock

HU - House use

NCI - Newly checked In

NS - No Show

SO - Slept out

BLO - Blocked

V - Vacant Room

MUR - Make-Up Room

VR - Vacant & Ready

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