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How to Handle Guest Relations in a Crisis Situation?

How to Handle Guest Relations in a Crisis Situation?

  1. Recognise that the guest may be agitated and feel confused, scared, or angry. Accept these feelings as legitimate, and take them into consideration when speaking to the guest.

  2. Introduce yourself, and state your position title. Immediately ask for the guest ’ s name, and repeat it to make sure you say it correctly. Use the guest ’ s name in your conversation with him or her.

  3. Give the guest your undivided attention, maintain eye contact, and avoid interrupting the guest. Listen more than you talk.

  4. Stay calm. Do not lose your temper regardless of the guest’s comments.

  5. Apologize for the inconvenience suffered by the guest. Be genuine. Put yourself in the guest’s position, and treat the guest as you would want someone you care for very much to be treated.

  6. Tell the guest what is currently being done or what will be done to alleviate the crisis.

  7. Arrange for medical treatment if needed. This can be done without accepting blame for the accident, because the responsibility for the problem may be unclear at the time of your conversation. What can be made clear, however, is your real concern for the safety of the guest.

  8. Offer alternative solutions to the problem, if possible, and seek a solution that satisfies the needs of the guest to whom you are talking.

  9. Let the guest know that you will follow up to ensure that all you have promised will be done.

  10. Thank the guest for talking with you; afterward, make notes of the conversation if you feel they are needed.

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