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Minimum Standards for Check-in and Check-out

Minimum Standards for Check-in and Check-out

Minimum Standards for Check-in

  1. Smile!

  2. Appropriate greeting

  3. Confirm/use guest name

  4. Confirm room rate and check-out date.

  5. If required, get your passport number and address.

  6. Get signature on reg-card.

  7. Hand out key pack - Important: Never stateroom number aloud.

  8. Offer any other assistance or information, i.e., map of the city, restaurant recommendations, etc.

  9. Offer assistance with luggage.

  10. Give directions to the elevator.

  11. Wish you a pleasant stay.

  12. Important: Smile during the entire conversation and use the guest name as often as possible.

Minimum Standards for Check-out

  1. Smile!

  2. Confirm room number with the guest name.

  3. Ask for any late charges, i.e., minibar, breakfast, etc.

  4. Present statement.

  5. Confirm the method of payment.

  6. Print final invoice.

  7. Ask if the stay was satisfactory.

  8. Hand out GSS form - inform the guest that the envelope is stamped, if applicable.

  9. Offer assistance with future reservations.

  10. Offer luggage assistance.

  11. Return key.

  12. Farewell and thank you.

  13. Important: Use waiting times for small talk with the guest. Do not stare in the computer. Do not forget to say "thank you" and "you are welcome".