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DGPR Effect on Hotel Guest Data, Example of Details collected by hotels which effect GDPR, Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Details/List of Guest's Personal Identifiable Information (PII) collected by the hotel - GDPR

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of the guests are those details which are collected by hotels during the course of the guest stay or service. Such details are also collected for non-staying guests for example guests visiting the restaurant, recreation centre, spa etc.

Generally, PII includes all kind of sensitive information that is associated with the hotel guest (both staying and not staying) and can be used to uniquely identify, contact, or locate an individual person.

Below list shows few details or example of the guest's Personal Identifiable Information (PII) which is normally collected by the hotels:

  1. Guest name (First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Family etc.)

  2. Sharer or companion Details.

  3. Guests Gender.

  4. Educational Qualifications.

  5. Company name.

  6. Mobile Number

  7. Fax Number

  8. Telephone or Land Line Number

  9. Email Address.

  10. Facebook id.

  11. Skype id.

  12. Twitter id.

  13. Instagram id.

  14. Other Social Media Account details.

  15. Hotel Loyalty or Membership numbers.

  16. Hotel Loyalty or Membership points.

  17. Hotel Loyalty or Membership Tier details.

  18. Other Loyalty program details and number.

  19. Home Address.

  20. Office Address.

  21. Date of Birth.

  22. Date of Anniversary.

  23. Place of Birth.

  24. Passport Number.

  25. Passport Place of the issue.

  26. Passport Date of Issue.

  27. Passport Date of Expiry.

  28. Passport Other details.

  29. Nationality Details.

  30. Citizenship Details.

  31. Marital status.

  32. Visa details (Number, Place of the issue, expiry etc.)

  33. Any Electronically stored guest handwriting.

  34. Any Electronically stored guest signature.

  35. Work permit details.

  36. Any Nationality ID.

  37. Residential ID.

  38. Driving License.

  39. Car Registration number.

  40. Debit Card Details.

  41. Bank Account Details.

  42. Credit Card Details.

  43. Ethnicity.

  44. Guests Gender.

  45. Preferences.

  46. Likes and dislikes.

  47. Any Allergic details.

  48. Any Health related issues.

  49. Any Disability details.