Top 10 Dialogues for Front office: 

1) Thank you for calling ( Hotel Name ), How may I help you?
2) Front Desk This is ( GS Name)  Speaking, How may I help you?
3) Thank you for calling the hotel ( Hotel name ), Have a nice evening!
4) Thank you for staying with us, Have a nice journey.
5) Allow me to transfer your call!
6) I Will be glad to give you a wake-up call at 0600hrs. ( Guest Name).
7) I Have taken down your request for Airport Transfer, your car would be ready at 00715hrs.
8) May I put you on hold while I check your request for Late departure.
9) Hello Mr.David, Mr.Kevin is on the line would you want me to connect the call.
10) Good Morning, Mr. Max, this is ( Name ) from Front desk, your car for airport drop is ready. Should I send someone to collect your luggage?


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