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Tips for Blocking/Allocating rooms for expected arrivals

Room blocking is a part of the guest pre-registration activity, This will help plan the hotel to meet special requirements of guest as well as a proper room allocation for the hotel. In Some hotels this process is done one or two days in advance. 

Although the reservation department may block the desired rooms in advance, it is the responsibility of the front desk to assign guest rooms as per the specific requirement made by them at the time of reservation. Below points will help you to archive a proper room blocking.

1) Print detailed arrival list for the next day’s arrival. Which shows additional guest details like arrival date, departure date, room type booked, room rate, VIP status, previous number of stays, time of arrival, gender, room specific features ( smoking / non-smoking), guest specific feature etc.

2) Block rooms according to the booked room type of the guest. If the room type is not available then try to upgrade according to the availability and hotel policy.

3) If there is a room specific request like smoking / non-smoking, away from elevator etc then look for room which is matching this requirement and then allocate the room.

4) If you are blocking a connecting room (room which is departing and you are blocking the same to another arrival for the day) then always check the arrival time of the guest. Give enough time for HK to prepare the room for next arrival.

5) Take special care while blocking rooms for VIP guests after blocking the room you may put a ‘Trace’ or send requisition voucher to other department for placing VIP amenities in the room. If the PMS / hotels software has a feature to super block these rooms then activate this feature. This will ensure that no other front desk staff can de-block and allocate this room for other guest.

6) While upgrading a guest to a higher category you must always consider his no previous visits, room rate, importance of the client if the booking is from corporate, designation of the guest etc.

7) For single ladies do not block a inter connecting room, Also if your hotel has a separate ladies floor / rooms then block those.

8) Room allocation has to be done as per the status of the reservation ie confirmed / guaranteed bookings to be blocked first. Waitlisted / Tentative bookings can be blocked later.

9) Guest with disabilities may need rooms fitted to their special needs, special amenities or services required at the time of reservation. It is always advisable to super block these rooms well in advance.

10) Some Frequent guest might be very particular about specific rooms which they enjoy most and stay regularly. Try and block this room for these guests.

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Authored and managed by Augustine, a hotelier with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has a 3-year diploma with 'honors' from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute and a Bachelor of Computer Application - BCA Degree.