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Handling Declined Guest Credit Cards at Check-out

Tips for resolving Declined Credit Card / Check issues in Front Office

When a Credit Card is Declined by the EDC machine:

  • Discuss the matter with the guest in private.

  • User Care when describing the guest's unauthorized transaction ( Eg: Do not say that he guest credit card is Bad or Worthless).

  • Offer the use of telephone to help resolve the matter with the credit card company.

  • Allow the guest a chance to provide alternate, acceptable means of payment.

When a Guest Personal check in not accepted:
  • Explain the hotels's Check cashing policy politely to the guest.

  • Remain Friendly and co-operative.

  • Discuss alternative methods of payment to the guest.

  • If local banks are open , direct the guest to the nearby branch, or extend the use of a telephone.