Tips for Serving Bottled Beer and Draft Beer in Restaurants and Bars

In order to provide a good beer service the server / staff should know the basic beer terms. Also different serving standard are to be used while serving bottled beer and draft beer.

Serving Standard for any type of Beer:

* Beer should be served in correct temperature

* Always serve beer in chilled glass or mugs, use a Glass Froster to chill the glass.

* Always examine beer glass before pouring to be sure they are clean.

* Glasses should not have spots, lipstick, chips or cracks.

Serving Bottled Beers:

* Bottled beer should always be stored in a dry, dark place.

* Before serving it should be stored in the fridge at least 12 hrs. at a 3C – 5C temperature.

* Always offer beer glass.

* Always pour the bottled beer.

Serving Draft Beer:

* Hold the beer mug near the base.

* Tip the glass slightly to one side and then raise it gradually to an upright position.

* Open the beer tap dispenser quickly and completely and then pour the beer all in one go. 

* In case the beer does not form a head then change the beer keg before serving any beer. This is a indication of a leaking keg which can result in loss of carbon dioxide.

* Close the tap quickly and  completely once filled.

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