Different Types Of Beer Or Beer Terms

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Different Types of Beer or Beer Terms

Beer which has the lowest alcoholic content is made from fermented grains and hops. It also contains the highest food value but with a lesser shelf life when compared to other alcoholic beverages. 

There are two main classes or varieties of beer. 1) Ales and 2) Larger the main difference between these two varieties is the temperature at which they are fermented.

Ales are top-fermented (Yeast at the Top) at a much warmer temperature and require a longer time to age as Larger is bottom-fermented (Yeast settles at the Bottom) and aged at cold temperatures.

1) Examples of Ales:

“Ale” is a broad term that encompasses a variety of beer styles, each with its own unique characteristics. Here are some examples of popular ale styles:

  1. Pale Ale:
    • American Pale Ale (APA)
    • English Pale Ale
  2. India Pale Ale (IPA):
    • American IPA
    • English IPA
    • Double IPA (DIPA)
    • New England IPA (NEIPA)
  3. Brown Ale:
    • English Brown Ale
    • American Brown Ale
  4. Porter:
    • English Porter
    • American Porter
    • Baltic Porter
  5. Stout:
    • Dry Stout
    • Sweet Stout
    • Imperial Stout
    • Oatmeal Stout
  6. Amber Ale:
    • American Amber Ale
    • English Bitter
  7. Belgian Ale:
    • Belgian Dubbel
    • Belgian Tripel
    • Belgian Quadrupel
    • Belgian Strong Ale
  8. Wheat Ale:
    • Hefeweizen
    • American Wheat Ale
  9. Saison:
    • Belgian Saison
  10. Scottish Ale:
    • Scottish Ale
    • Wee Heavy (Scottish Strong Ale)
  11. Barleywine:
    • English Barleywine
    • American Barleywine
  12. Farmhouse Ale:
    • Bière de Garde
    • Grisette

These are just a few examples, and within each style, there can be significant variations in flavor, aroma, and appearance. The world of craft beer is diverse, and brewers often experiment with ingredients and techniques to create unique and innovative ales.

2) Example of Larger: 

Lager is a type of beer that is fermented and conditioned at low temperatures. Here are some examples of lager styles:

  1. Pale Lager:
    • American Light Lager
    • American Lager
    • International Pale Lager
  2. Amber Lager:
    • Vienna Lager
    • Märzen/Oktoberfest
  3. Dark Lager:
    • Dunkel
    • Schwarzbier
  4. Bock:
    • Traditional Bock
    • Doppelbock
    • Eisbock
  5. Pilsner:
    • German Pilsner (Pils)
    • Czech Pilsner (Pilsner Urquell)

Each of these lager styles has its own distinct characteristics in terms of color, flavor, and aroma. Lager is known for its clean, crisp taste and is fermented with bottom-fermenting yeast. Popular commercial examples include brands like Budweiser, Heineken, and Stella Artois, but there is a wide variety of craft lagers available from breweries around the world.

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