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F&B Service Techniques for waitress and waiters

1. How to Handle Trays?

  • All trays must be clean and stain free.

  • Never overload or stack up too high.

  • Small service tray should be carried with one hand. 

  • Big tray must be always carried with two hands.

  • Place the left hand under the Center of the tray with fingers spreading out comfortably.

  • Heavy, high and hot items must be closed to your body.

  • Don’t walk too fast and Always use tray mat or liner for balance.

2. How to Change Ashtrays?

  • Ashtrays must be clean. 

  • Maximum 2 cigarette butts in the ashtray at any time.

  • Do not ask the guest to pick up their lit cigarette so that you may change the ashtray.

  • Remove astray from the table if guest is a non – smoker.

  • Place one of the clean ashtrays straight on the top of the dirty ashtray while removing.

  • Always wash your hands after changing ashtrays.

  • Wait until the guest finished the cigarette, then approach, asking politely if they mind you change their ashtray.

3. How to Serve Snacks?

  • Snacks are served for very guest who seat for a drink.

  • All bar snacks are free of charge and refillable. (depending upon your hotel policy)

  • Serve the bar snacks right away when guest seated.

  • Quantity of bar snacks differ on the number of guest.

  • If bar snacks is with a shell, each bowl should have an empty bowl.

  • Always make sure there are enough paper tissues while serving snacks.

4. How to serve Cigars and Cigarette?

  • Present cigar tray to the guest, with the cigar menu.

  • All cigar and cigarette must be served as per guest order.

  • Employees must know what products we sell in the outlet.

  • All cigarettes must be served on a BB plate with hotel matches.

  • Cigars should be accompanied with cigar ashtray.

  • Always offer to light guest cigar or cigarette.

  • After the guest chosen cigar, prepare cigar ashtray, cutter and matches.

  • Ask the guest if they would like to have cigar cut and lit, And Cut cigar according to the guest preference.

  • Light the cigar by using cigar torch or matches and Wave cigar to move lighted embers.

5. How to Handle Telephone in F&B outlets?

  • All Telephone calls must be answered before the third ring.

  • Always ensure a “smile” in the voice before answering all calls.

  • The phone call should be answered as follows:

  • “Good Morning / Evening, *(Outlet name). Eric speaking. How may I assist you.”

  • If you are attending a guest face to face while the telephone rings, then excuse yourself, answer the telephone and if required ask the caller if you can put them on hold or offer a call back later.

  • Always ensure to thank the guest for calling.

  • Under no circumstances will a telephone call be answered by asking: “Who is calling?”

  • Maintain correct posture while answering the phone.

  • Always verify the source of the call by looking at the screen of the phone.

  • Always finish the call with “Thank you for calling”

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